COVID lockdown is the best

So for the lockdown my wife and I invited another couple that we hang out with a lot to stay with us. Pool our resources and save money. It was a blast.

One night, Steve and I were down in the basement playing ps4. I get a text from my wife Julie. She said, “Hey. We are horny.” I told Steve and we both went up. Girls are laying on the bed. Both wearing panties and nothing else. This isn’t abnormal because both Julie and Becky are not shy about their bodies. So Steve says to Becky, “You wanna go in the other room?” Becky said, “Nah. Let’s do it here. Lockdown rules. What happens on lock down stays on lock down.” So it turned into a foursome. First it was girls laying side by side. Then ended up being an orgy. Both us guys fucking both girls. Me sucking off steve. Him sucking me. Girls eating each other out. It was so hot.

A couple nights later, I was in the basement. Steve was showering upstairs. Becky comes down stairs to see what I was up to. I showed her the game. She pulled out my dick and sucked me off while I played. She told me to keep playing and she’d do the work. We ended up fucking on the couch. Next morning I told Julie what had happened. She said, “Yeah I kinda figured. I got in the shower with Steve and he fucked me in the shower.” I said, “Is all this cool?” She said, “Sure. Why wouldn’t it be? It’s just sex. Plus we are crazy about them anyway.”

Next night I get a text. Julie said, “Bored. Wanna cum?” I said, “In a sec. Almost done down here.” It ended up being a half hour. I walked upstairs and Julie and Becky were naked and going for it. I went down to the basement and told Steve. He said, “Let them do their thing.” I said, “Yeah but seeing that got me horny af.” He said, “Well, then bros will take care of bros.” We started sucking each other off. I said, “You wanna fuck me?” He said, “Dude? Really?” I said, “Yeah. Lube is over there in that side table.” Took a bit to get him inside me but it was friggin hot.

So next morning I’m making breakfast. Steve is still asleep downstairs. Becky is asleep still naked in bed. Julie walks in naked. She grabs me by the dick from behind and hugs me. I say, “Easy there.” She said, “You didn’t come up so Becky and I had fun without you.” I said, “Oh I saw.” She said, “Then you should have joined us. Woulda been hot.” I said, “Didn’t want to spoil it.” She said, “You boys play video games all night?” I said, “We kinda had sex too.” She smacked my ass hard and said, “Look at you two naughty boys. Who fucked who?” I said, “Oh he fucked me.” She said, “Now that’s hot. I’d loved to have seen that. My man taking a cock.”

Best 3 months ever. Everyone fucked everyone. I’d love to do something like that again. Every once in a while Steve and I will sneak off and suck each other off but it’s nothing like back during the lock down.

11 days ago

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