Cheating wife

Back in the eighties before the beginning of the cell era I went hunting for the weekend only to find myself stranded on the side of the road on the way to my hunting camp. The tow truck got me back home around 11 pm and I was a little surprised to not see my wife's car in the garage when I opened it up. I had the tow truck guy put my truck back by my shop so I could work on it and figured she would not see it back there. I kept all the lights off and waited up for her to come home, around 1:30 or so two cars pulled into the driveway and I figured maybe it was one of her friends driving her car home while the other one followed. Nope, she pulled into the garage and the other car had two guys fairly young like mid twenties in it. I watched to see the interaction and heard her call to them to come in the house through the garage. I walked down the hall and got into one of the spare bedrooms and listened as they came into the house, they were laughing it up pretty good. One of them asked where my husband was and when she responded that I was hunting and gone for the weekend he told her great that makes me nervous that he might return home with a gun on him. She assured him I was a few hundred miles away.
I was not really mad at them, she was obviously the one who invited them into the house, no sounds of a struggle and she was sounding like she was having a great time. I started thinking about the last time we had made love, must of been a year at least. I heard her giggling and instead of coming down the hall they went into the living room. After a few minutes it was a little quieter but then I could hear her moaning and telling them that things felt really good. I was not an idiot and knew exactly what was going on in there, I walked slowly down the hallway figuring I might be able to get a look through the kitchen into the living room at what was going on. When I managed to get my eyes far enough around the corner there she was laying across the coffee table with one of them licking her pussy and the other one getting sucked off. I thought to myself, two guys, wow I could barely get her to give me a blow job when we first got married. She called out a name and a tingle went down my back, I could not believe it but one of the guys was a good friend of our son. I did not even recognize him face down in my wife's pussy but sure enough I could see it now, I used to take him fishing when he was just a teenager.
I sat down in the hallway listening to her moan and talk dirty to these guys and decided that it was a little bit my fault that she went out and brought home guys to do this. I walked back down the hallway and went into the spare room again, unlocked the window and crawled outside. For some reason I decided to walk around to the living room windows, we did not have any curtains on a few of them because they were high off the ground. I rolled a log over to the side of the house and stood on it watching her get pleasured for about fifteen minutes. She looked really happy and actually got on top of one of them and bucked up and down like she was in her twenties. I climbed back down and went out to my shop, I was not really thinking about it much when I got out there and did not really care either but I turned on the lights just out of habit I guess when I went in there. I was surprised when after only being in the shop a few minutes I heard a car start up and left out of the driveway. It was not peeling out or anything like that just left fairly normal.
It was about ten minutes or so and I heard the door opening up and she was coming inside. She stood there looking at me and could tell by the look on my face that I knew what was going on at the house. How long have you been home? she asked me through tears. I simply answered her since about 11 then asked her how many lovers she has had over the years. I did not yell at her but I wanted her to know for sure that I had seen her with those two so I commented that she should probably clean the coffee table good tomorrow. She stood there silent for a few seconds then asked where I had been that I saw her with them. I told her I had watched her through the living room window then added how could you have sex with one of your son's good friends.
She was gone the next day and moved into her mother's house, I think she was more embarrassed by it all more than anything else. She even told me a few days later that she could not believe that I did not even look mad.


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  • You now have a hot wife....enjoy it!

  • Well why woulkd you be mad, its just depressing...

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