I Was The Paycheck

My husband needed a hand in building a detached garage but we really didn't have the money to pay anyone. Most of the money went for the building materials. Then our grown son early 20's suggested we barter. "Barter ?" I said. "Yeah, do a trade off. You give something they want for helping us build the garage." For the next few days we pondered on what to do. Sex was the answer. All males want to fuck. The younger ones want to do a MILF under their belt. I was willing to be their paycheck but wanted my son and husband be there so no harm comes to me. My son and husband asked around looking for guys with building skills. Two of them was my son's buddies and the third was the neighbor's nephew.

I was introduced to them. I flashed my tits at them and told them this was a advance in their weekly paycheck. My son and husband set up in the house garage a mattress, ice box with beer, paper towels and a outdoor shower out back.

On the first payday I watched them shower. My son's buddies was ok but the neighbors nephew was so-so. I was nude like the rest of them. Told them circle around so I could suck them and stroke them. My son's buddies told Justin I was hot! My husband handed out the beer, while I played with their dicks. I sprawled on the mattress they took turns putting it in me and playing with my tits. The neighbors nephew left. My son's buddies told us we won't see him again. "Why's that we asked?" They told us he just wanted the thrill. The work was too hard.

As they drank the brew I sat between my son's buddies fondling their dicks. "Well we don't want to lose you two, I promise to do your wishes next week." I said. "But for now lets get this party going again." My son and husband undressed. They all surrounded me feeding their dicks and giving me their cum.

On the next payday I did what they wanted. I followed their gestures. Got on all fours, swung my tits side to side, lifted my breasts and let them fall. Tit fucked one while the other ate me. They watched me insert a beer bottle in me. I sucked on their balls and rimmed them.

Finally the garage was built. To reward them they were asked to attend our swing party where they have choices to choose from. I told my son to bring Rick home now and then because I enjoyed his stamina.


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  • I play handyman and my wife makes believe I'm a stranger "my husband is away or he'd fix it (hint hint)" -- then she gives me an awesome awesome blowjob for payment. And their better than her awesome blowjobs. Sometime I get a little jealous because she's really making believe she giving a stranger a bj. I'll grab her head fuck her mouth at the end, then she cums too.
    She's the best wife, she's like June Cleaver and my hussy.

  • Next time maybe you should let them suck your dick. This didn't happen.

  • Great idea! Next you can work on getting the front yard landscaped!
    Just don't start doing it for money. That is illegal!!

  • Well done.

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