Found girlfriend sleeping with my brother

A few mouths ago I got home from work early and I noticed that my brother truck was out front of our house . So I went inside and looked around and I found her down between my brother’s legs sucking on his dick . So I grabbed her and pulled her onto the bedroom floor and grabbed my brother and slammed him against the bedroom wall and knocked a hole in the wall. And I forced him out the front door naked and grabbed his stuff and tossed it At him then I went back inside and told my girlfriend to get dressed and pack her shit and get the hell out of my house. The next day she kept calling me but I didn’t answer my phone because I didn’t want to hear her Bull shit reason for having sex with my brother. So after a few days have passed her sister called me and I answered my phone asking me if she can stop by to pick up some of her sister things . So I told her that she can come over but not your sister isn’t welcome here anymore. So when she came over to my house to pick up her sisters stuff we started to talk . And before I knew it she told me how her sister was having sex with her boyfriend. So I told her to have a seat and we will have a cold beer together. After a few minutes of us talking about her sister and what she had done to her she started crying so I pulled her towards me and gave her a big hug and telling her that everything will be just fine . Then she started telling how I’m a really nice guy and how why her sister would have sex with your brother. I replied back to her how that goes both ways. We started talking some more and that’s when she pulled me up close to her and started kissing me and I started sucking her back. The 2 of us we’re like 2 live wires just sparkling up and about to catch on fire . So I just picked her up and carried into my bedroom and laying her down on my bed and started to remove her clothes and she was removing my clothes at the same time . Then she got on top of me and telling me that this isn’t right is it ! I told her that if she wanted to stop how I would understand. The way she looked at me said a lot without saying anything. She stood up on the bed and looked at me and turned around and sat down on my face and her pussy on top of my face and she bent over and started sucking on my dick and I started licking her pussy . After a little while she got up and turned around and lowered herself down on my dick and started grinding away on top of my dick deep inside of her and we started kissing again. Just as I about to Cumm she got off me went back down on me and sucking me until I started to Cumm inside her mouth and she swallowed all my load with no problem at all . I made her sit down on my face again so I can give her a Orgasm or 2 Orgasms . Her Orgasms are like a flood from inside her sweet pussy and I swallowed every drop of her sweet hot juices glowing out of her . That was so amazing because her sister was never able to do that on my face . So now we are dating. And we kicked her boyfriend and my girlfriend to the curbside . The funny thing is that when we got done that first night of us having sex when she was leaving my house she went next door and tossed her sister’s things into the trash dumpster. Her words are that she doesn’t need her shit back the same way she don’t need for you to take her back at all. And she’s a big fucking slut whore .
And pay back is a real bitch .

13 days ago


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    • At least you didn't find your girlfriend sleeping with HER brother.

    • No doubt about that

    • I can't stand trans people any more

      You weren't born in the wrong body, you just have a fetish or dysphoria or both. Those are mental illnesses that can be treated, and are not a reason for the rest of the world to cater to you. Grow up.

    • You have the freedom of speech . You can use how every you want. In this case it was not mental illness.
      It was my cheating ass girlfriend sleeping with my brother and sleeping with her sisters boyfriend . So when it comes down to it .
      She is a cheating slut !
      A few days later I put her out . I found out that she was also that she was sleeping with the ladies husband across the street from me .
      Some people would call her a whore a tramp or my name for her dirty slut . I am so glad that I always used condoms with her. Hog only knows the things she could passed on to me . Much the other guy’s that she slept with. They all need to get tested .

    • Gender Identity Dysphoria is indeed a mental illness!
      The suicide rate in the Trans Community is 40%. That is almost 10 times larger than the general populace.

    • Wait - her sister was your brother's gf?

    • Two. Hours. Later. No drink, no food, no waitress. We had to get the attention of another staff member to ask if she was coming back. "Opsie, I thought you guys already left!" Was her response. Yeah, we were upset, but we weren't going to let it ruin our night. She gives my husband his soda, and explains to me that they were out of smoothies. She sets a cup of water in front of me, and asks if I want anything else. I wasn't going to wait two more hours for my drink, so I refuse. We order food.

      The wait wasn't as long, but immediately, my husband realizes that both of our dishes are wrong. We tell the waitress, and she argues with us, saying "I'm sure I got those correct!" And when she admitted that they were wrong, she switched to "Do you want to try it for me and see if you like it?" We kept our cool up until this point, but now we wanted a manager.

    • Dumb Story #73.

    • No my girlfriend was sleeping with her sisters boyfriend. So her sister called me to pick up her sisters stuff from my house. That’s when she told that her sister was sleeping with her doy friend at the same time as she was speeding with my frothier. So that’s the reason why we didn’t care about her sister and my brother and we started to have some really good hard revenge sex . To be honest she was much better in bed than her sister was . So the 2 of us are having great sex on a regular basis . Some people will that I’m left overs for her and that does both ways . But we think it is a upgrade from them . And my no ex girlfriends sister told me that my brother needs to take the little blue pills to help him get it up in bed. That sucks to be him because he’s only 25 years old .

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