I wanked into a stranger grannys mouth

First I would like to say that this is absolutely 100% true. Ive never told anybody this.

I put an ad on craigslist saying I would be willing to pay 50 bucks to cum into a womans mouth. No touching neccessary etc. Next day I got a reply and it was legit.

This lady, said she was 48 and would take a load in the mouth for the 50 bucks.

So we arranged to meet. She suggested her place. Ok, so I didnt wank or fuck my gf for a couple of days, took heaps of supplements (for a big load) and drank heaps of water - so I would blow a massive wad. I blow a big load anyway, but I can really increase it if I try.

Anyway the big day came and I found I was sorta nervous. I found the place, knocked on the door and this lady answered. She looked older than 48. Grey hair etc. Wasnt all wrinkly or anything though.

I went into her place and after a bit of small talk - she was nervous too. I asked her how we were going to do this and she said she would like to "help me out'. Cool.
I noticed she had photos of her kids around the place - they were grown up and moved out of home.
I took my jeans and undies off and sat on the couch. She came over and started to suck my cock. Felt great. I just let her go at it for a while. I wasnt in a hurry. She rubbed my nut-sack and sucked me off. After a while I said I wanted to cum in her mouth now.

I stood up and she sucked me a bit more. I made her lean back and open her mouth - which she did. I asked her if i could video it with my iphone. She was hesitant but reluctantly agreed. great.

I started jerking my cock and then I shot a massive wad into her mouth. The whole load went into her mouth. I asked her to play with it in her mouth, which she did. Then she swallowed it all down and sucked my cock dry.

Way more than I expected. I gave her the 50 bucks, we had a bit of a chat and I left.

Couple days later she emailed me asking if i could give her a copy of the vid I made of it. I agreed if she would let me do it again and she agreed.

I built up another load and took the CD with the video on it to her. I nutted in her mouth again after getting another awesome blowjob.

Now, I watch the vids when my gf is at out and jerk off to it. gets me off every time.

Im thinking of giving her another nut soon. She seems keen and I she fucking loves my nut. She told me she looks forward to it.

Absoultely true story. Would love to know what people think of this

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  • I would swallow that nut for free, I love when a guy shoots in my mouth.

  • See if you can pee or shit on her next.

  • 48 is a granny? WTF are you 12?

  • Why not just shoot a big load on your girlfriends face and save the 50 quid..makes no sene

  • Can you please tell me what kind of supplements you were taking?
    This sounds awesome.You have the best hooker ever. However,please make sure gf does not get wind of this.Keep unloading.

  • Hey if it works for you two, go with it, BUT...(here it comes) You know your gf won't be cool with it. So can you deal with the guilt? Do you feel any? This will probably be a temp thing ( I can't see you wanting this for years to come)

  • This is absolutely cheating.

  • I just find this absolutely fucking gross. Why not do this with a hooker or something?

  • This woman is now a hooker, by definition, pretty sure.

  • You are filthy. I love it. You said how old the woman is but how old are you ? What makes you cool with doing this behind your girlfriend's back too, by the way ?

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