Body For Sale part 3

We woke up early and I told her i wanted to stay a bit longer. “Well my boyfriend is coming home at 7, so you can stay untill then. But it’l cost you”, she said. I looked at her and was shocked of the girl she turned out to be. “No problem”, i said. “But what would you give in return? I have already ripped you apart yesterday”. “You can ruin me again, today. As much and as long as you want. I will comply to anything. If you pay me double.” “Then double it is.” I said. She smiled and started licking my cock in order to get the day started. Nothing beats a blowjob in the morning. I told her she could shower if she wanted, new loads were on the way. As she went in the shower, i placed a post on a facebook group for swingers. I was looking for 10-15 guys to come over for a gangbang. 10 minutes later, i had over 20 people who were able to come down today. I gave them the adress and told them go come around 3.
She got out the shower and we started going about it again. And again, her pussy was filled to the brim with my semen. I told her i wanted to tie her to the bed and blindfold her. She never allowed me to do it during our relationship, so this was my best chance. She didn’t have a blindfold or handcuffs, so we went out to get some. The handcuffs were really good and could not be opened by the person itself, only by the other person. We bought some soft rope to tie her legs down and a blindfold that had “fuck me” embroided. Really classy stuff. As 3 o clock was nearing, We started preparing her to be tied up to the bed. As we were tying up her legs, my phone got a message from one of the dudes asking me if it’s ok if he brought a few of his african friends. I told them
It’s ok. I used another rope to attach her handcuffs so she can still turn and change possitions if necessary. Once she was tied up, i wanted to go one last time, only to jizz on her boobs and face. “Mmmmm all warm and sticky” she said. “I know you like that” i said. She nodded to confirm. I put on her blindfold and told her i would be right back. She just layed there with cum sprayed all over her tits. 3oclock came and most of the guys were already waiting. I told them what the gig was. They could do whatever they wanted to her. Nothing was off the table. As long as the blindfold stayed on. I came back to the room and she asked what all that noise was. I told her i invited some friends over to join in on the fun. “That wasnt part of the deal, are you crazy?? I’m not letting somebody else fucking me”. “Well, you are the one tied to the bed, so there’s not much you can do to stop it.” I said. “so just enjoy it. There’s only 3 other people and me”. She sighted and told me to get it over with. Little did she knew she was about to get fucked by 20 strangers. The first group came in and started touching her up. It wasnt long before she had her first dick inside her mouth. Then the first guy wanted to be inside her pussy while the other 2 were feeling her boobs and tried to get a handjob. As the first guy cums in her mouth, the 2nd one was already squirting his load over her mouth. It didn’t take long fir the first guy to unleash his load inside her cunt. In order to give everyone a chance, i told them to exit the room and let new people in. The next group where the african friends. And let me tell you, they had dick for days. This was going to hurt. As they were playing with her tits and pussy, she told me these dicks were not the same as the other ones. “Good observation” i told her. She wasn’t able to talk because one of them slid his schlong in her throat. I told them to spitroast her, which they did. After the first guy came in her pussy, the 2nd guy wanted to feel what her ass felt like. So he took place under her. With her mouth free, she said “i dont know if i can take 3 dicks at once, let alone of these sizes”. “Well, there’s only one way to find out!” While the first guy was having trouble putting his dick inside her butt, the 2nd guy entered her pussy without much regard for her screaming. The last guy knew that she needed to be shut up so he popped his penis in her mouth. I was sure to make footage of this. All 3 guys came somewhat simultaniously and left to let the next group in. Seeing her all cummed up wasn’t a pretty sight for them so they just wanked off on top of her boobs and belly. The last group, however, was a lot less picky and started going at her pretty straight. They asked her to get on her knees to reveal her shiny holes. She got up cum kept squirting out of her holes when moving. The first guy went in and started fucking her like a jackhammer. Cum and squirt where flying everywhere. After finishing off on her back, he slapped her on her ass and thanked her. What a lad. The 2nd guy wasn’t that friendly. He just fucked her, came inside her and left. The 3rd guy wanted a piece of ass. Seeing as already 3 guys came in there, he was able to enter her without much resistance. He did his deed and left. The last guy wanted to get a blowjob, seeing as his dick was just fucking cum. So he grabbed her head and facefucked her untill her throat was filled with warm manjuice. She asked me if it was over. “No, not yet.” I said and i removed her blindfold. I told the guys to come in and shoot their last shot over her if they wanted. Almost everyone came back and started wanking off to unload their semen all over her. “How many of you are there? YOU SAID 3 OTHER PEOPLE”. “Well, turns out it was around 16-17? I lost count. While she was looking in disbelief. she was being drenched in cum. I told her to open her mouth and catch as much as possible. Eventually, her brownish skin was white from all the semen shot onto her. Everyone left happy and i was satisfied. “Well, it’s almost 7, so i must be going. Here’s the money for today”. She sat there silently, covered in cum. “I cant believe i was fucked by 17 guys”. “Yeah, that was something. Did you enjoy it, at least?” I asked. “Kinda, but not really.” She said. “I’m glad that is over. I did, however, have fun with you. If you wznt to do it again sometime?”. “Sure!” I said.
I looked at the clock and saw 18:45. “There’s still one thing i want you to do.” I said. “What is it?” She replied. I took out my dick one more time and let her open her mouth. “Swallow my cum and kiss your boyfriend when he gets here.” She laughed and started sucking. I blew my last load in her mouth and made sure she moved it around her mouth a bit. She laughed as the bell of the door downstairs rang. She was still covered in cum, on her znd inside her, but that was not my problem anymore. I left via the basement and got a text a little bit later on with her kissing her boyfriend, followed by a kiss emoji.

1 month ago

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