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About a year and a half ago I got a divorce. After sometime I I was told about an agency in Chicago buy an acquaintance. I contacted them and had a sit down with a lady who interviewed me to see what I might be interested in.during the interview I disclosed some of my deepest sexual urges. A week later I was back in touch with her... She set me up with a person to help act out my fantasies.I paid a single fee up front and everything was included in that fee. we met at a fairly upscale hotel and went to the room when we got inside I cannot tell you how impressed I was with her.she was a brunette fairly thick built with rather large breasts. Upon closer examination I found her to be a tee girl. At first I was standoffish but my curiosity won out. she was smallish downstairs maybe 4 or 4 and 1 half inches.I didn't realize what she was until we were already in the middle of passion.at that point I was very aroused and no longer cared so I went with it. I've never had anyone do to my body what she did. She is an expert on nipple play and knows how to dominate me when that's what I want.it was the first time I'd never had anything like that in my mouth.but by the time she got me that excited I had abandoned all reservations. When she presented her cock to my lips I didn't even think about it I simply opened my mouth looked up past her milky breasts into her green eyes and let her fuck my mouth. I swallowed every thing she gave me. That's been about a year ago I still go back about once a month...since then I have learned to let her do anything she wants....I've sucked her many times and been bent over and used as her slut more than once. My only un fulfilled fantasy today is to have her bring a friend and both use me at once.

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  • What a deal, a two in one chick. I'm not into that myself, so I would have sent her back for someone with female parts only.

  • Tell us the rest of your fantasy’s

  • I like this post. I am female and also have fantasies about being fucked by a female Tranny. I have many fantasies. This is one of them.


  • You are gay!!!!!!!!

  • You are a moron!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • being dominated by a tranny is sooooooooo fucking hot

  • It has been for me

  • answer this question. isnt it true that the sex you have with this girl is always better than it ever was with your wife or any other "woman" (as defined by society) you've ever had?

  • I cannot speak for society but as for me I have never felt such a rush as I do when she pushes me down to my knees looks at me with those green eyes bare breasted and tells me too open my mouth...it is 1 of my 2 favorite positions to be in with her. My other favorite is win she Ben's me over a piece of furniture jerks my pants down forcefullysmear is lubrication into my exposed bottom and pushes her self inside me. So no as for me I have never had sex this hot. 5 years ago I could never have imagined letting some 1 fuck my mouth let alone my butt.watching her behind me in the mirror as she holds on to my hips pushing in and out of me seeing her milky titties jiggle as she fucks me from behind makes me cum every time.

  • it seems certain that you are in love with her so you need to start looking at states that allow same-sex marriage. then look at the job market in your profession or occupation. then look at housing accommodations. then ask her to move with you there and consider marrying you once you get there. i love your relationship with this girl and i encourage you to grow it and watch it blossom. you really ARE a lucky man.

  • If you haven't had her give you a golden shower, you totally need to let her do that to you. Then, you'll really be in love with her. Have her take you to the bathtub, you kneel in front of her while she stays standing, and let let her give you her loving shower. You'll never want it to stop. I promise you.

  • Jesus, this is soooooo hot, I can't stand it!! It makes me want to step out on my wife and find a t-girl of my own.

  • god yes you really have to get her to bring a friend and have one of them fuck your mouth and the other one fuck your ass. theres nothing like it. tranny love is hot and nasty.

  • I think I'm going to ask her about it this next month.I love it so much when she comes inside me or in my mouth I can only imagine how it would be to have someone coming in each end of me.holding my hips like she does as I buck and moan with my mouth full off a throbbing cock.I do want it to be another tee girl though.

  • Yes, totally, it has to be another transsexual. That would be sooooooo hot. And after you're done with the train, you need to work on sucking both of them off, going from dick to dick, back and forth, while they tell you what a nasty bitch you are and how much they love you. I really love the way you describe what your girl does to you and the ways she dominates you. TOTALLY HOT AND NASTY!!!

  • It's not just the sex...its the things she says...she asks me what i want as she stands in front of me arroused...sje makes me say what i want...when she is fucking me by the mirror she talks to me...asks if i like watching it...she insists i answer...

  • I think you've disoovered the beauty and pleasure of transsexuals and that you've fallen in love with one. The way you described the intensity of your passion for your partner -- rising to the point that you really didn't care anymore what the nature of her genitalia was, and only cared about pleasing her and allowing her to please you -- was a thing of true beauty. Yes, of course, it's lust, and even that is beautiful. But the way she made you feel, and your willingness to take whatever she placed and emptied into your mouth, AND TASTE AND SWALLOW IT, and the eagerness with which you continually return to her, and look forward to doing so, that is even more beautiful. And it is much more than lust, and more than mere sex: I think it's love. And I think you should start thinking about, and talking to her about, the possibility of the two of you becoming a couple. Nearly all t-girls know how to please a man, because of their own anatomy and history, but not all of them know how to dominate one. You are a very, very, very lucky man, and you should not allow this wonderful girl to get away. Make her a part of your life, and not just your sex life. The way she cares about you in bed is the way she'll care about you in all other ways. And they way she can control you is a thing that you will LOVE in the other areas of your life. Again, you are soooo lucky!!

  • Thank u....it is an exciting relationship andFULL FILLING in more ways than 1 lol we will have to see where it goes

  • Well that was a great story.Is she a shemale!(&?!@,!!?&?'n

  • Trans ssssexual

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