How I became a panty wearing chronic masterbater Part 2

So there I am wearing a pair of black shiny pantyhose and a silky white teddy. Laptop is on the bed with some of my favorite mature porn videos most likely Persia Monir porn. I position the camcorder facing the bed and start recording. I lay on the bed and my dick is already rock hard and it feels so good laying there rubbing my nylon covered cock. I lay there rubbing like that until I can’t take it anymore so I pull down my pantyhose and fill me hand with ky lotion and slowly stroke my hard throbbing cock. As my hand makes it way down to the base of my shaft I squeeze as hard as I can and my dick gets so hard. As I am squeezing my head got so big and sensitive. I had never used a cock right before and I don’t know what made me think to do this but I grabbed another pair of pantyhose and tied the leg around the base of my penis as tight as possible. It felt fucking amazing !!!! My dick felt like it got so big and hard and my head swelled up and the rim of my helmet was so sensitive to the touch. I stood up in front of the camcorder with what I felt was a huge veiny hard on talking out loud about how hard I was and how good it felt. At this point I wasn’t even paying attention to the porn I had playing on the computer. I was totally focused on my cock I couldn’t remember it ever being so hard. I could feel myself about to cum so I untied the nylons and as soon as they loosened up cum erupted out of my penis like never before. Some landed on my chest and a little landed on my chin. I couldn’t believe I had shot cum that far. I was tempted at that point to taste my own cum but for whatever reason I didn’t. I got cleaned up and hid my stash of sexy stuff and went about my day. About a week went by and I was constantly thinking about how good that felt and when I would be able to do it again. The day finally comes that I have the house to myself for a few hours and the anticipation of doing it again is tremendous. I get undressed and pull out my secret stash of goodies from my hiding place and pull out the camcorder and tripod. This time I slip into a pair of shiny nude color pantyhose and grab another pair that I had previously ripped and decided to cut off about a 12” section of the leg to tie around my dick again. My dick is already starting to get hard. I thought before I get totally into it let me watch the video I made the first time. It’s hard to explain what I was thinking at the time. Seeing myself wearing pantyhose and a silky teddy was such a huge turn on. Watching myself stroke my lubed up throbbing hard erection got me so horny not to mention my dick got so hard. As much as I wanted to keep jerking off I slowed myself down and managed to watch the entire video. I took the piece of nylon I cut and tied it around the base of my cock and looped it back around under my balls and tied it tight. I started recording and lubed up my dick and began slowly stroking. Again I could not believe how hard and how intense my erection was. Veins were popping out of my shaft, my head was big and swollen and turning purple it felt fucking amazing. I would stroke it a few hard strokes then stop and admire how big it looked. I did this for about an hour and finally came before I could loosen the knot and no cum came out until I loosen it and once again cum shot out with force. After that I was hooked. I would jerk off to videos of myself, use the nylon tied around my cock as much as possible. I had never ever been attracted to men but I was really turned on by my cock and watching myself masterbate and cum. I started looking up things on the internet like hard cocks and cocks dripping cum and stumbled on hard cocks in panties. I must admit it turned me on. I found myself jerking off to pics of big hard dicks or dicks in panties and pantyhose.

Sep 23
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    • So hot, I love hearing about others with women's understeer fantasies/fetishes. I love wearing women's panties, stockings, etc. I always dress in drag on business trips. If I could have the nerve to do it with my wife my life would be awesome. She knows about the panties and "makes" me wear them. She just won't anything else. I love to get dressed up and go to bars in towns I don't know anyone and love the attention. Most I've done is handiest and BJs in thr parking lot, love to bottom for someone though!

    • I'm straight but I wear lacey pink panties to work. There's a woman there that I would like to fuck while I'm wearing my flowery nylons and garters. My dick gets so hard when I think about wearing those sexy clothes and banging that hot pussy.

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