When my husband Ted came home from work last night I could tell he had a stressful day so after our 15 year old daughter went to bed we did also.
as I had thought he cuddled up close to me and whispered in my ear I need you tonight.
I laughed and rolled onto my back and opened my legs for him and he mounted me silently slipping his cock into me and I felt him inside of me and it felt good but I was pre occupied and I laid there looking up at the ceiling as he developed a rhythm.
I had first talked to William on Facebook he asked to be friended so I accepted him and at first he would just comment on some things that I posted then he started to hold conversations so we went to messages since some of the things we talked about were a little more than I wanted my friends to know about .
It was fun really in a way having this secret person that I could confine my fantasies and yes we even talked about sex and it seamed so innocent because neither of us had ever met kind of a fantasy thing you know.
It went this way until one day he confessed that he sometimes masturbated when we talked and at first I was a little uncomfortable knowing that but it was also erotic and I caught myself wanting to know more and more about it then he sent me a clip of him jacking off on his cell phone and he came all over the towel he had in his lap.
That was hot god he shot thick wads of cum all over his hand and ten he admitted that we were talking when he did that and asked if I would post a nude picture of myself so I looked through some of mine and Teds private pictured and I sent him one to his E-mail and he promptly sent a picture of himself jacking off on it to my e-mail and asked if we could meet sometime.
Ted was breathing heavily now his head buried in the pillow next to mind and his strokes were getting faster and faster and I wondered if I was going to cum but then I felt his cock swell up and he grunted as though he were in pain and drove me into the mattress and I felt his cock swell up and then his hot cum shot into me and I love to feel him cum like that I laughed and pated his ass while he spent himself in me then he went pee and rolled over after kissing me good night.
I laid there with closed eyes gently teasing my clit with his slimy sperm then the picture of Bill Cumming all over my nude picture came into my mind and I began to masturbate until I came to.
early the next morning I opened up Facebook and he had left another message and I responded it was a simple do you want to meet with me and I answered when and where ??
Later that day I checked again and he said tomorrow with his address he said he would take the day off so we could get to know each other a little.
I had very mixed emotions about meeting with a complete stranger after all the things we had talked about but I told myself it was all just an innocent get together to meet and nothing else but deep down I knew I just knew.
The next morning I was trying my best to act normal but the image of him squeezing his cock as he shot wads of cum on my picture kept flashing into my mind as Ted and Marcie ate breakfast talking about her homework and I wanted to scream.
Then I was alone and I sat before the mirror in my bedroom putting eye shadow on and my makeup and I felt like a teenage girl that was on her firs date butterfly's were fluttering around inside my belly and I felt giddy and happy...… yes I felt happy and a little slutty god I was going to meet with a guy I had even seen yet other than a picture of his hand on his cock
He lives in Fairfield a Town about 18miles away but that was even better at least Ted and I wouldn't be bumping into him when we went shopping.
I wouldn't admit to myself that I was going to be intimate with him but inside I knew that was the reason I was going and now I couldn't be stopped .
I hurriedly dressed and was out the door I drove very carefully so I wouldn't get a ticket god I didn't want to explained something like that to Ted and then I was on North Texas street with the apartment complex the next entrance my mind was running wild and I was very excited and nervous at the same time as I reached out to press the doorbell but the door opened and there stood William in a full length robe that was open in the front with his hard cock pointing at me his hand was slowly stroking it as I stepped inside and closed the door behind me .
I was light headed and I found it hard to breath as I stood there looking down at his erect cock then I was on my knees stroking his very thick cock that was a little longer than Teds 7 inches my hand cupped his balls as my left hand stroked his shaft and I was my wedding bans against his hard member and I felt shame but then again it was so erotic I sucked him into my mouth and the took the back of my head and began too fuck my mouth gently at first but soon his cock head was hitting my tonsils and I started to gag but he was just to far along to stop so I had both my hands against his belly to keep him from going to deep but he started cummings and I was swallowing as fast as I could.
He held me there for long moments as his cock squirted his love juice then he just stood there his hands fisted in my hair until I felt his cock start to shrink and he was gasping or breath .
When his cock slipped out of my mouth he released me and I stood we were both trying to avoid eye contact now but I felt giddy and also a little proud of myself for making him cum like that I reached out with my hand and said Hi Bill My name is Maya it was so ridicules with him almost naked and me still fully dresses trying to act formal that I started laughing and he followed suite.
Well It took a little while for him to recover but soon we were in his bed with me on top riding his cock a cowgirl and he had just came so I fingered my clit and I manage to cm very quickly then again begore he came again.
All morning we went at it like newly weds and we agreed to have an affair.
It lasted for six months before I told him we couldn't meet anymore because we would sooner or lated get caught but I have never felt guilty about it and I have some very good memories of our meetings,


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  • Yeah this post is totally bullshit

  • William or bill? Pick a name and stick to it.
    "My husband wanted me so I laughed and opened my legs"
    "My husband came in me so I laughed" what are you, like 12?

  • William and Billare the same name what are you like 11 years old???

  • Well not really.... one starts with a W and one a B. And also the reason it's bullshit is because I can tell by everything you wrote and the way you Right, you've posted SEVERAL bullshit stories before.

  • I mean *write

  • I can’t wait till you start having sex with those much younger big cock heavy sperm shooter college boys.
    My wife works at a Business and upstairs is a high tech firm and those young guys always hit on her. She came home one day and it turned me on.
    She was having a sexual affair with one guy named Jon. He used to force his big cock down her throat at lunch in her car.
    Then she would meet at his place for sex.
    Now she’s seeing a guy named Blake who can last forever while fucking her.
    I am waiting it out per her choice. She constantly tells me what’s going on.
    I have the green light to fuck anyone I want but I would much rather let her enjoy those big young cocks

  • My wife is having an affair on me. She thinks I don't know, but I do. I saw a text come in on her phone once from her lover. The number was not in her contact list and it simply said "we on?". Later that night she supposedly had to go help a friend.. when I called her friend she didn't answer. She also took a shower as soon as she got home. She has also gone to get groceries and been gone for 3 hours only to return with a couple items. She's never in the places she claims to be and when I come home from work early she's always gone. The thing she doesn't know is her infidelity makes me fucking horny and when she leaves I masturbate.

  • Fucking whore

  • That’s awesome, on vacation in NY I met someone, kept in contact, innocent at first, sexting for 2 years. He even speaks to my husband. After 2 years the girls and I booked another trip to NY, of course we met up, and we most definitely had sex. The minute I saw Frank I was ready to jump his bone, but I had to wait a few hours, as the girls wanted dinner, and to walk around. We had sex all week. This went on for 7 years now, and still going. When hubby comes with us I disappear for a few hours to have sex. Then I return and yes with franks cum inside me.

  • We agreed to stop but since then we have met three times and I am still worried about beig caught but this is just to good.

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