Moms friend

I was 15 , my mother was in hospital, multiple heart attacks , Dad was working extra long hours, so was I staying at one of my mothers friends homes.

I got to skip school and watch TV all day , so I was happy enough .

Moms friend had no kids , her husband worked , and she figured I needed company I guess . She sat with me and talked about school , home , and girlfriends , she didnt believe me I had none .

She asked if she could be my first kiss , I didnt get to answer before we were kissing , things were a blur and soon we were naked on the couch .

There was no oral, just kissing , tit sucking , and then she was guiding me into her .

She was hot , tight , and wet , she said all the nice things

"Go slow , youre bigger than my husband " "OMG .. you made me cum allready .. no one has ever been that deep "

I was finding my stride when she was kind of saying words that werent actual words , her head sort of turning one way then another , I tried to kiss her but couldnt catch her , so I settled on sucking her titties .

I did notice she seemed to get super wet inside , not squirting like in porn , just a kin of lube gush with an extra strong peak in her orgasm , so I ried to do more of what triggered that , she didnt complain , just wrapped her arms and legs around me super tight and cried , like ugly cried .

I asked her what was wrong .. not stopping , I had my dick in actual pussy , real woman , real titties to mush my face in , I wasnt stopping that until I had to .

She told me I had made her cum more in ten minutes than her husband did in ten years .

I felt good about that , and tried to do better , that earned me more tears , more not really words , and a pause where she told me I was ruining her for all other men .

I had a case of nerves because I couldnt seem to cum , even when she begged me to just cum , then when she stopped begging an began to moan things like "Oh God that hurts so good , cummng so hard " I did cum , a lot , I thought my dick would explode , it actually hurt I jetted so hard inside her , that made her cum again , and she held me inside her , until I got so soft her pussy squeezed me out

I kept kissing and sucking her boobs .. hey , first real boobs and she wasnt slapping me away .. I wasnt stopping .

She cried about she meant to comfort me , she shouldnt have done that , I was getting hard again and just put it back inside her , she cried about feeling guilty , her husband ...

She began cumming again , and kind of alternated between telling me she was cumming and I was not to blame for this , it wasnt my fault .

It totally WAS my fault , I didnt give her a choice , she was still wet and cumming from our first fuck , I just took advantage and she didnt say no .

Soon enough she as doing the head rocking , nonsense words , and I came again , with a LOT more confidence and enjoying it this time . I felt like I did good.

I played with her pussy this time , examining it fr the first time , a real pussy .. one I had just fucked . That was MY cum flowing from it , like lot of cum too .

I got hard looking at it and mounted her again , she moaned , then rolled us both over so she could ride me .

I LOVED that , her titties jigged in my face , her ass on my thighs , my cock so deep inside her she as stretched tight on me .

I felt her ass , the curve of her cheeks , the weight of her boobs , the way my cock pulled out and pushed back into her , the way our cum ran over my balls as it drained from her .

She collapsed as she came , I did a jackhammer thrusting up into her holding her ass like my life depended on it , she kind of soft screamed , untl I came , and she cried , kissing me , like real gentle , in love kind of kissing , and kept saying "Thank you , I didnt know it could be like that "

I was feeling bad for giving her pussy a hammering , she was thanking me for it . Hell yeah , I was going to do this again , as often as I could .

We napped , naked , waking up to go have a shower . We washed each other , a LOT , she told me a few times should be proud , she was too sore to touch .

After we dried off and cleaned up the most of the stains on the couch , went to her bedroom to lay on her bed and watch TV naked, in comfort .

I didnt watch TV , just cuddled her , and played with her tits , thighs , belly ..all the forbidden bits . She was non stop playing with my dick , her wedding rings were such a turn on for me

"Do it again " She ordered me

"But . youre sore " I objected "Your husband will hate me if youre too sore for him "

"You made me cum more in one day than he ever did , any time , any place , I am yours , our secret , but right now , I need this dick too "

I mounted her , watching her rings catch the light as she guided my cock into her , really appreciating for the first time , I was literally balls deep in a married woman , and she WANTED it that way .

Fucking her , in her marriage bed , my cock had to be dam near in her womb , her sacred place , her husbands saced place .

Her hands on my bum , forcing me down harder each time , until she spasmed under me , and seemed to try to buck me off .

I wasnt having it and stayed in place , cumming when she stopped spasming and started crying .
I almost passed out it was so intense, cumming , bare in a married woman .

"That went right into my fucking womb" She said softly .

We cuddled some , showered again , and I was surprised when she told me she didnt feel guilty anymore , I gave her what her husband couldnt , she gave me what I wasnt getting .

Her husband treated me the same as always , ignored me . I took every oportunity I could to feel her tits or her ass , but it was three days befoe I could fuck her again .

It was without the romance of story books .

"I think Im healed up enough She said after she kissed her husband , sending him off to work .

I put my hand under her nighty , she wasnt wearing anything under it , I found just hot wet hairyness , her pussy lips open and wet .

It took barely two strokes from her to make me hard , and we fucked standing up , her leaning against the front door , as her husbands car drove away she told me she was cumming already .

The next four weeks were more or less a whirlwind of sex, her husband ignored me , I called him Sir , and somehow , it was normal .

My mother recovered , and came home , so my holiday from school and the easy sex ended , only when she "borrowed me " to do "the chores her husband sucked at " did we get together .

The first time she borrowed me , she drove straight to a parking garage , pulled into a mostly hidden spot , and knelt on the seat , her backside poking out of her door .

I didnt need instructing , I walked around , lifted her skirt , and saw she wasnt wearing panties . She was like an opening flower , I pushed into her and she said those wonderful words

" OMG Youre KILLING me .. slow down, youre too big "

It was was , needy fucking , I was fully aware of the thrill of a married woman giving he her womb , her married , sacred place , as I came inside her hoping like hell I was filling it up .

"Ohhh , I missed the feeling of your seed keeping me all wet " She said as she turned to kiss me . "You had me leaking for days when you went home "

I even felt good when she told me Id left her so swollen when I went home , her husband had fucked her , and she had cum from his dick for the first time since they got married .

It lasted a couple years and then , they moved . She did come for "girl time "with my mother , and we would sneak a bit of our own reunion in .

I gained so much confidence from her , knowing I turned her on and she wanted to fuck , something thats not easy to find in a society where you dont objectify anyone , and youre never sure if youre wanted or not .

14 days
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    • The connection I had with Irvin was unreal. I was 39, my kids were out of the house and my husband was deploying again. My friend asked if her son could stay with me and attend college, I was more than happy to accommodate him since I didn’t want to be alone. The flirting began instantly. After a month he was filling the void in my body, bed, and soul. I finally had someone who spent his time devoted to me, he slept in my bed holding me, making love to me, fucking me, taking me out for date night, grocery shopping and attending family events. Irvin spent all his time with me outside of school, repaired things around the house, even help remodel. We took long walks, vacation, and most importantly he spoke to me about things.

      I ensured he was feed, I did his laundry, pleased him sexually whenever he wanted. He loved taking photos of me, dressed and nudes, even made countless videos. Even went to a lovers resort that my husband and I go to every year, booked the same room as well. It was like we were married kiss in the morning, made breakfast, had dinner every night together, even said I love you to each other. He even surprised me when we flew to Florida to visit my daughter, we went to a certain park, we swam with the dolphins and one of the dolphins brings me a buoy and written on it was will you marry me? It was so romantic so I said yes. We even had a fake wedding, his buddy played the priest. When hubby returned from his deployment we still continued our adventures, sometimes he had to use a condom, didn’t want to feel hubby’s semen. Nowadays I only see him once a year, but he sure does make this old lady feel young again and loved, and this started back in 2013

    • My God, you are so, so, so, so wrong about the relationship lacking real romance: it was entirely romantic, every touch, every kiss, every embrace, every tear, every breath, everything . From the very beginning until the final smile and wave goodbye. That was all love. Pure love. To this day, you still mean more to her than her husband, her parents and her children. I am a wife and mother, I have been right where she was, so I know. You are a wonderful man. Congratulations.

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