Naughty on family vacation

Im an 18 year old girl, i recently went on a family holiday with my parents as my dad had some business to do abroad. I agreed to go with them to spend time in hotel pool, beach etc everyday while they went to do whatever business they needed to do. I was raised in a conservative family, parents have always been quite strict.

The first day we got there we went to explore the hotel. We went to see the pool area and my dad got talking to this man. He was an older man, even older than my dad! I think around late 50s. Him and my dad got on well, he seemed really nice. He was nice to us all, very respectful. When we eventually moved on i noticed him at the pool area eyeing up all the girls in their bikinis and talking to a few of them. He was making comments about some of the girls with the hotel staff, it was obvious he was a bit of a pervert. I consider myself a pretty girl with a good figure, though when i first met him that day i was dressed modest. As previously mentioned my parents are conservative so i couldnt dress in a bikini or any skimpy clothing around them. But i was jealous of these girls he was looking at. I know im attractive, more so than most of the girls he was perving on, and i wanted that same attention. At this point i didnt want HIM, i just wanted to be perved on.

The next morning we met him again at breakfast and he was very polite. He talked to my dad quite alot. After breakfast my parents left the hotel for the day and i was alone. I immediately got changed, put my long hair down, my make up on and went to the pool area where i undressed into a small bikini (my chance to with no parents). He was at the pool area too and i managed to get his attention - i could tell he was shocked as he’d only seen me with my hair up and modest clothing. He came over to say hi as we knew each other, the whole time we are talking i could tell he was impressed by what he saw. I caught him subtly having a few looks at my cleavage and bum. We talked quite alot, mainly small talk about our lives back home. I grew to like him alot, there was something about him he was very masculine and charming. I wanted him to make a move on me. But he wasnt going to - even though i could tell he found me hot! Maybe its cos i was there with my parents. I decided then id have to give him a reason to make a move on me. After talking i went for a little swim, did some aerobics, sunbathed, flirted with staff and he was looking at me alot throughout all of this. Still the day went by...

Later that night my parents came back, we had a late dinner and they went to bed. I was staying in a room next door, i said goodnight and then got dressed into a short tight skimpy dress and heels. There was a nightclub in the underground floor of the hotel we are staying in. I read about it before the holiday and planned on going so brought some outfits with me. I went there hoping to have fun and meet people, as soon as i got in i noticed the man by the bar. He had a drink and was looking at the girls on the dancefloor. I was so happy inside. This was my chance. I pretended i didnt see him and went onto the dance floor, deliberately dancing nearer to him and trying to dance subtly sexy. It worked, he noticed me and came to say hello, i dont even drink but pretended to be a little tipsy and gave him a hug which he seemed to appreciate. He told me i looked amazing and said he didnt think i was the clubbing type. I told him i am but my parents dont know then i playfully pleaded with him not to tell my dad. He smiled and said he’d keep the secret then he called me a naughty girl. I giggled and told him i was. I told him i wanted to pull a hot guy in the club, i think he was a bit shocked. I left him for a while, he spotted me again later on and asked how i got on, i told him couldnt find a guy. He acted surprised and said if only he was younger he would try to pull me. I acted flattered and told him he still looked good and young, trying to hint to him to hit on me. He asked me to his room but did it in a jokey way incase i said no but i said yes and i could tell he was both shocked and happy.

We went to his room and he kept complimenting me, i told him i like older men and this seemed to make him more confident. He told me he wanted to kiss me i said go ahead and we shared a kiss that was so long and so intense my pussy was pounding!! He leaned me on the wall kissing me passionately then removed my dress. I was standing in front of him now in pink underwear and he was admiring me. He was feeling and groping my entire body, especially my ass and tits. He started licking and sucking my neck and heard me moan quietly. He removed my bra and started massaging and sucking my tits. Then he put his hands over my pussy and started rubbing over my panties. He could feel me wet so he put his hand inside my panties and rubbed me starting off slowly then getting faster. It felt incredible and my moans got a little louder. He then asked if we could go to the bed, i agreed. He lay me down and took my panties off. I was now lying there fully naked in front of him while he was still clothed. He licked me from my neck all the way down. He licked my tits my stomach and went down to lick my pussy and i went crazy. Its the first time anyone has licked me down there and it felt soo good. He licked me down my thighs and legs to my feet then back up again. Then he used his hand again to rub me this time fast. He knew what he was doing and it wasnt long before i orgasm’d. Its the first time someone has made me orgasm too.

I was in his bed recovering from what just happened and he then removed his clothes until he was in his boxers. He was completely rock hard, and he came right towards my face and asked if i wanted to touch it. I put my hand on it and rubbed it, i didnt wait too long i immediately took it out of his boxers and felt it in my hand. I gave it a few strokes then asked him if i can lick it which seemed to turn him on more! I licked his cock all over paying special attention to the head as i could tell he liked it. Then i put it in my mouth and sucked on it. I felt it get even harder in my mouth. After a while i starter licking and sucking on his balls which drive him crazy similar to when he was licking my pussy. I concentrated on his balls for a while as he was loving it so much. I was sucking them, rubbing my face in them...this man was making me do things i never imagined id do. At one point i was licking under his balls and pretty sure i licked his ass! He was pleasently surprised how freaky i was. He was so turned on but didnt explode - he says he was an expert at withdrawing! After a long blow job he told me he wanted to fuck me and i excitedly agreed. At this point i was shaking with nerves. He got on top of me and it didnt take too long for him to get in as we were both soaking wet. I could feel his hard cock inside me and he told me how tight i was. We fucked missionary, it felt really good and lasted a while. He pulled my hair down on the pillow and put his other hand on my throat and he saw i responded well to it. He triggered something in me, i wanted this man to be rough with me and fuck my brains out.

After missionary for a while he asked me to get on top and ride him. I bounced up and down on his dick, tilted my head back and moved my hips round feeling his cock moving inside me. He was lying there watching my tits bouncing and he was so turned on he said that he nearly came. after managing to resist again he then told me we should do doggy. He got me on my hands and knees, put his hands on my waist and went in from behind. There was a mirror right in front of us so we could see each others faces. This position felt the best for me. I could feel every inch of him. I was now so turned on that i even asked him to spank me. He did, several times. Asking him to do that was the best thing i did cos that made him even more confident. From then on it got rougher, edgier and he started talking dirty. He pulled my hair hard, spanked me hard every now and then while fucking me from behind. He whispered dirty things in my ear and watched my face in the mirror. He asked me what my dad would say if he knew about this. I told him he’d kill me and i pleaded with him not to say anything already knowing he wouldnt. He called me a dirty slut and saw how much it turned me on. It was degrading but for some reason i loved it. I told him i was his slut. Realising i liked it he called me all sorts of names while he was fucking me. Bitch, whore, cunt, skank were all used. He kept mentioning my parents and how disappointed theyd be. After a really hard fucking from behind he asked for another blow job and i agreed.

This time he pushed me down and dangled his cock over my face while i was lying down. He put his cock straight in my mouth like he was fucking it. I could actually feel it in my throat. This went on for a while then he took it out and rubbed his balls all over my face before inserting them into my mouth. He made me suck on his balls while he stroked his cock and he said this was it he wanted to cum all over my face. I sucked on his balls hard while he wanked himself and eventually he came all over my face. He made me lick his cock clean and he told me to leave the cum on my face for a while as he said i looked good like that. He told me how good that was i told him the same. Eventually we cleaned up exchanged whatsapps and i went back to my room. We messaged each other about what happened and how good it was. He kept saying he didnt know how kinky i was and glad that he found out.

I saw him the next morning in the lobby when i was with my parents. He came over to say hello, he sat and talked with my dad and i had butterflies in my stomach. He smirked at me while he was sitting there. Theres alot more that happened between us on that holiday. We fucked lots and kinkier discretely, all while he became good friends with dad!


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  • Guys that write as a woman always give it away. You are a virgin that watch's too much porn.

  • I assume you are an adult if your parents gave you your own room and you were allowed in the bar.

  • .. Yes, she is 18. Just doesn't think like an adult.

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