Next door friends

I am an only child, as was our next door neighbors daughter . Our two families are good friends. I was 17 at the time and Joy was mid-twenties. Living in England. They had a pool and are families were often together. One weekend my parents were away, as were Joy’s. Joy was asked to keep an eye on me. The phone rang and Joy asked me to come over to swim. Being English used to wearing speedo’s. I had a new pair that were narrow on the side and a pouch in the front. Joy had large breasts and nipples. I cut through our back fence, my towel around my waist. Hi! Come on in. She said. Joy was about five foot and I was five one or two inches. She would catch me looking at her breasts at times. She asked me to rub sunscreen on her. I dropped my towel showing my new swimsuit. Oh my! Very nice! She said, handing me the sunscreen. I finished her back and was facing her, she was sitting I was standing , my waist and the pouch of my swimsuit almost touching her bra top of her bikini. Are you alright? She asked. A little nervous I said. Nothing to be worried about. Get my shoulders and chest. She then rubbed sunscreen on me. My penis was on full view; entire outline pressed tightly against the purple pouch. Should never have worn this, I thought. Joy was looking at me and asked , what material is your speedo made of? No idea I said. Can I feel she asked, it looks like nylon, or a combination type. Her hands reached out and squeezed my swelling penis. Ops! Sorry she said. Nylon she said, and I think your bulge is too big for your suit, she said smiling. Did you put it on for me? She asked. I see you looking at my boobs, do you like them? Relax, it is you and me. Their pool is totally private. Joy put her hands behind her and undid her top. Are you ready, she asked. It is fine, again smiling. She dropped her top revealing her large firm breasts. Do you like and have you thought about holding them. Be honest! I have, yes I have. Now is your chance. Be gentle, and massage, squeeze my nipples. Has your girlfriend seen you naked? She asked. No, I replied. We have touch each other but no more. Let’s swim she said. Jumping in. I got in. We were messing around and then got out. We were laying sun bathing when Joy said. “What are you thinking, now be honest”. I am embarrassed wearing my swimsuit, I wanted you to see me, but now a little embarrassed. Why embarrassed? You have a massive package. I want to hold it! Would you be comfortable with me taking down your thong? Come over here. Joy was sitting I was standing. She put her fingers into my waist band and slowly pulled down. OMG you are large. I have wanted to see and hold for a long time. Let’s go inside. We went inside and I had my first taste of sex. Unbelievably exciting. The next day was more of the same. Joy introduced me to intercourse WOW. What a weekend.

14 days
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