My Wife is allowed to date

When we were in our 20s my wife worked at a hardware store as a cashier. We had two young kids in daycare and I spent my entire day at work.

My wife told me that some guys that she worked with were flirting with her. She told me this constantly and I was OK with it, I even suggested she call their bluff and see if they will fuck her. We talked more about it and I said she told me about this guy in his 50s named Marv that she wanted to be with. I think she was trying to gauge if I would be angry if she did. I told her that it excited me and to tell me about it after she does it.

My wife put a plan in motion and she told me that because she worked very close to home, lunch time would be the perfect time to seduce him.

About a week later she told me they had sex that day at lunch. I asked the details and she told me they made out for a bit on the sofa, then she took him to our bedroom where they had bareback sex. This was the beginning of an almost 10 year relationship with him.

The dating happened when his wife would go out of town. My wife would get so excited for the her evening out. She would buy a new dress, lingerie and shoes for the date night. The fun part is that she would come home after work and get ready. She would shower, shave her legs and pussy, put on make up , do her hair and then put on her new lingerie. By this time I would have the kids eating supper and would go look in on her.

I would have a massive erection just thinking about her night and she would always let me fuck her before she left. Once she was ready she would grab her overnight bag (clothes for next day) go and kiss the kids and tell them she was going out for the night. The next day when she got home she would tell me all about her evening.

Aug 7
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    • This is almost exactly the same thing that happened between me and my wife luckily we didn't have any kids at the time. She told me that a guy from work was flirting with her every day and wanted to know how I felt about it me being an open minded guy I told her that if she really wanted to be with him to give it a try and see what happens. Later on I found out that she was already fucking him and just wanted to get it out in the open. She was spending the weekends with him and all week with me being my wife. She was honest about everything and telling me how they have sex sometimes she would call me on her cell phone and I would listen as he fucked her that drove me crazy and I wanted her pussy even more. She was dating him for almost 5 years and she started seeing other men behind his back and they finally broke up. After that she just went out on random dates with different men and I think that I liked just watching her getting ready to go out doing her makeup and hair putting on a tiny dress with no bra she looked so hot and she would always ask me if I was okay before she went out for the night and tell me that she loved me. The next day when she got home we would have sex for a long time as I was kissing and licking her all over she was telling me how good the other guy was and I could smell the sex on her body and I loved eating her smooth pussy that was used by someone else. This went on for 20 years or so until the kids started to become teenagers and she started staying home maybe going out late at night when the kids were sleeping and coming home before the wake up. We are still married today and she's a wonderful wife and still has a high sex drive.

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