Our first time.

3 years ago my husband and I had been together for 20 years at the time, He had been asking basically since the first night we slept together, No joking, We were having sex ad my room mate walked in on us and after she left he looked me in the eyes and said "Why don't you ask her to join us". So...For our 20 year anniversary I had decided to give him the one thing he had always wanted, Coincidentally it was his 45th birthday also that year not that it matters but also my best friend had been divorced just over 3 years and was single at the time. I knew my husband found her attractive and she had always thought he was a good looking man, I am short at just 5'3" and 130bs with an average mom bod and B cups, My best friend is 5'7" and normally a thicker girl but since her divorce had lost weight and in my opinion was too thin but my husband one night told me she looked great, So she was 5'7", 145lbs and has DDD's, My husband is 6'3", 250lbs, 7.5" long but his girth was the most impressive part.
Yada, Yada, I proposed a threesome to my best friend and she said "Geezussss, I don't know, I haven't done that since college and it was only that one time" which I knew about but she had always said it was not great. After a little coaxing she agreed, She asked when and I said "What about after supper on Wednesday?" which was our actual anniversary and she agreed. We went for supper, I wore a sexy little dress and thigh highs, We went for drinks after and "Coincidentally" ran into my best friend who had worn the dress and thigh highs we had picked out together showing her legs and cleavage, It was a very "Not her" outfit but I knew it was an outfit he would appreciate.
We had maybe 3 drinks and I asked her if she wanted to come over for a glass of wine and I could tell my husband had thought we were just going to end up getting drunk and me not put out on our anniversary. When we got home I poured us each a drink and she said "I can't stay long, Just one drink" so when we finished our glass of wine my husband said he had to go to the bathroom, my friend looked at her phone and said "My ride is here" so my husband hugged her and aid goodbye and I said "I'll walk her out and meet you in the bedroom". After he left the room me and her waited until the ensuite door closed then went in and crawled up on the bed, We found our cheesy sexy pose sitting side by side and when my husband came out of the bathroom he froze.
My husband looked at us wide eyed and I said "Don't say anything", We slid to the foot of the bed and he stood in front of us, I could barely get his zipper down he was so hard LOL. It was actually a great experience, We did a lot I had never done, My first time doing anything beyond kissing another woman, Her first time performing oral on a woman, She had the other girl do it to her the last time she had a threesome, First time doing a BJ together for either of us, and on and on, It really was a great experience, Everything went better than planned and when I was laying face down between my best friends thighs licking her with my husband in me from behind leaning over me licking her and kissing me at the same time I felt a weird burning sensation and he pulled out letting me squirt, I was shocked and embarrassed but couldn't stop and he just shoved it back in me.
At the end my best friend was on her back, My husband on his side with her legs over his waits and spread wide, I was on my hands and knees beside her licking her and him as he slid in and out of her and then he pulled out, Blew his load and got some on my face, I moved and he shot again all the way up her stomach and then he reached down and went to put it back in her but rubbed it against her and slid it into the wrong hole, She gasped and said "Oh fuck, Oh fuck" and he pushed forward putting it in her butt, She moaned 'Oh gawd, Oh gawd be gentle you're huge", My husband slowly pushed it deeper in her and I watched in amazement, I knew it DID NOT fit in my butt so I was sure she was not really enjoying it but she let him.
I turned around and laid beside her, He only pumped her in the butt for about a minute before he groaned and came again, She was wincing and whispering "Just relax, Just relax" and as he started going soft she moaned a relaxing moan and said "Oh thank gawd", He pulled out and she said "Slow...Slow..." and then he slipped out, I said "Don't even relax...Go shower and wash it". My husband jumped up, Showered and I got her up, We went into the shower and joined him and I made sure he scrubbed it good, We all washed each other and whatever, We got out of the shower and toweled off, My husband walked up to my best friend and pushed her against the counter, She leaned back and slid herself up onto the counter, He spread her legs and was hard again, He slid it in her and I stood beside him kissing him and her, Kissing and sucking her boobs and he made her cum like that then he looked at me and said "Get on your knees", i did and he pulled out of her and came in my mouth.
Afterward I asked her to stay the night but she said she thought she should go home, We had strategically parked her car at our house so she got dressed and left. My husband and I snuggled up in bed and fell asleep, We had a lengthy talk the next day about it and agreed that it was a great experience but that he would not expect it to ever happen again. My best friend and I had lunch 2 days later and I just wanted to make sure she and I were still good, She seemed hesitant at first but eventually opened up after a couple mimosas and told me it was potentially the best sex of her life and that she wanted to let me know that she would never in a million years ever be any sort of threat or ever do anything inappropriate like message him or anything and she was very adamant that she wanted our relationship to stay good between me and her, I assured her that me and my husband were 100% good, Me and her were 100% good and nothing needed to change.
She seemed very relieved and said "Ok...Thank heavens, I was so scared for this conversation since I went home", I said "Me too" and then she hugged me and then pulled back and said "So...Do we do on the lip kisses now or....What?", She has always been a kisser and always kissed my cheek, I don't know why It's just how she is with everyone so I shrugged and said "Uhh...I don't really know" and she leaned in and kissed me on the lips, She pulled back and we looked at each other and she shrugged, I shrugged and she said "Ok, Let's go with that". She left and at the door she kissed me on the lips again, As always I analyzed every portion of our visit over and over and was happy with the result.
We seen each other almost daily and still do, I know a few people had given me an odd look when we would greet or say goodbye with a kiss on the lips but....Whatever, It wasn't until about 2 months later that she spent the night at our place again and it kind of led to a monthly or once ever 2 months thing for 2 years but then she met her now fiance and we agreed to stop so she could pursue that, My husband asked one night about swapping with them so I asked her, She asked him "Have you ever?....Would you ever?" just in general, Not with us but she said he was a HARD no on that and asked us not to tell him about any of that so we agreed to take it to the grave.

Aug 6
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