How hairy is to hairy

First I’m a big fan of a hairy pussy, I’m a member of a gym that has a wet spa, I’ve only used it a few times.
It was really quiet yesterday not many people using it, I thought why not.
I was relaxing in one of the pods and this lady walked in wearing a one piece swimsuit, as she came down the steps I noticed her legs were really hairy and I mean really hairy.
When she got out I was in shock! The hairs being wet made her legs look twice as hairy, from the waist down you would have thought it was a man.
Like I said I love a nice big hairy pussy but the legs being hairier then mine it’s a big no no for me.

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  • I really like hairy asses.

  • A natural bit of hair makes a woman look hotter,a real woman,I don't want an underage barbie doll looking girl,with no hips and no boobs.

  • When I was 20 I went out with this guy from work and I never would have if I had known just how hairy he was. His body was totally covered in black curly hair, I mean everything was covered even 2/3 rds. of his cock which hurt as he shoved himself into me.

    I have never seen anyone with so much body hair and it wasn't all that short either, His chest hairs were a good 4 and 5 inches long when I pulled some to see just how long they were, he had so much hair on his chest you couldn't see his nipples at all and when we were playing around I called him a Sasquatch and he got mad at me and I got dressed and left, never went out with him again.

  • It's a matter of taste. I don't care one way or another about body hair on women, except for facial hair. If she has a prominent mustache then it's a "no". Leg hair? Pit hair? Meh. I just don't care.

  • Hot!

  • I won't even touch a puss that has hair. I have a lot of sex and take a pass with with a hairy anything. A tight short trimmed landing strip is as far as I can go.
    But to each their own,

  • Hairy legs on a woman is not attractive at all.

  • Yea I'll go for that as well The biggest turn off for me is Hairy arm pits god so gross on a woman...

  • Agreed. Any body hair on a woman is unattractive. And before any of you ladies criticize me for saying that, I shave my cock and balls.

  • That’s your opinion and you’re opinion only, I’m a natural lady and don’t believe for one minute if I was offered to you on a plate you would be saying no thanks you are unattractive.
    Criticise is with an s not a z but now knowing you shave your cock and balls to make it look bigger that’s ok!

  • I like women to leave pubes and armpit hair as nature made them.

  • What??! Do you think you have a magic puss or something? Get over yourself.

  • It is just one persons opinion and everyone has their own thoughts on whats desirable. If I find a girl desirable it doesn’t matter how she trims down there.

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