The day this 18 yr old gave me her virgin bottom

It was 1967, I was 18 and my wife had just turned 18 when we married in Los Angeles.
Soon after we tied the knot - I was laying naked on our bed - the sun was shining in our 2nd floor apt, a nice breeze blowing. We'd just finished showering.
This week we were exploring the new-found delights of licking each other's was great! She started it! The girl was very imaginative!...I was only just beginning to learn!
Being licked back there felt really neat and I loved the noises she made when licking me! Sort of groaning and snorting a little - licking a man's butt hole was "so naughty" she said - and it was obvious that it made her really really wet!
Me?...I loved the look and feel of her little teen butt-hole as I spread those young cheeks and pushed my face into her! Seeing how far I could get my tongue into her tight bottom - which of course wasn't very far at all.
After we'd laid there awhile, necking and fingering and licking....she shared with me that none of her boyfriends "had ever had me back there.". The few who tried were shut down by her.
Now, as we lay there, poor as two church mice - she said she wanted to give me "something special" as a wedding present. Then she straddled me and asked me if I wanted to.
"If I want to do what, Jody?!"
Turning around, showing me her cute little tight teen butt, she said over her shoulder..."Would you like to be the first guy in my bottom?"....then she got up on all-fours, put her face down in her pillow and told me to "be gentle please?! I know this is going to hurt!"
Well, I licked her for all I was worth - getting her as wet as possible, positioned myself on my knees behind this trembling girl and began to ease my kinda wide dick into her virgin teen anus! She squirmed, and cooed and I could see her little fists gripping the sheets for all she was worth! This was hurting her. "Do you want me to stop?" She shook her head hard
"No- I want you to have me. No one has ever done this to me - so....take me - do it, put it in me!"
I slowed but kept a gentle pressure on her hole with my dick as it slowly slowly slid in until my 'head' popped in. "OH!" she groaned....but now my shaft wasn't as big and I was able to slide deeper into this sweet teenager!
She wiggled her butt to help herself relax and me to slide in I went slowly until I was balls deep in this little girl's body! I held steady and let her relax her butt as much as possible with my fat dick in there!
While I held steady there - not moving my dick in her...she said through clenched teeth that "this is sooo naughty, and wow does it hurt!" then she reached down and stroked her clit with her fingers - while I held still.....taking in the sight of me impaling this girl's sweet teen bottom.....
"Don't move!" she said as she worked her own crotch.
I didn't.
Then I heard her building to one of her girlish orgasms.
When she began to shudder and make noises into her pillow I knew she was cumming......and I came at the same moment!! Without moving!!! Her young tight ass ring around me, her spread female rump and hips, the way she was working herself,,,, was finally too much. I unloaded all I had in her! It was so hard NOT to slam her! Just the motionless squirting of myself into her body!
I guess I made a noise..."Did you just cum?" she asked.
"Oh yeah honey - it's deep in your bottom!"
As we each slowly came down from our excitement I took her hips and slowly pulled my dick from her little butt - her body clung to me down there as I did. She was squeezing and cleaning all my cum out of me as her ,now, dark pink ring drug around my dick until my head popped out.
With that she fell forward on our bed, and I noticed then that there were tears in her eyes and on her cheeks! I saw her butt hole slowly closing.....
She downplayed how much it had hurt - but She's a tough little kid and her tears told me how much it had.
The wonder of it all was that we'd both had such roaring orgasms!
She later shared that it was the thought of what I was doing to her - rather than the butt-fucking itself that had turned her on so much!
She had such a sweet and tight little cunt - the best tasting teen pussy you can imagine! - so I limited myself to that part of her crotch after that day.
But, what a trip - her "gifting" me her butt hole!
An 18 year old SoCal surfer girl with long blonde hair and big green eyes....and boy could she suck!

Aug 7
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    • Beautiful story. Thank you!

    • I was not the first in my wife's cunt, but I was the first in her butt on our wedding night!

    • Teens are the best fucks - whichever of their 3 holes!

    • Especially early to mid teens!

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