Caught naked

I used to walk around in my bedroom naked with my curtains open pretending not being aware the guy next door was watching me. Sex with my husband had turned into just going through the motions after six years of marriage and faking orgasms. Exposing myself was the closes thing to feel sexually excited. He knew I was married and I knew he was single, otherwise he wouldn't have been glued to his window watching me. I started doing it in my underwear and worked myself into doing it with nothing on. I never once looked back at him so he wouldn't think I was doing it intentionally. Things changed when I found a note slipped under my front door that said "I like naughty women and no one has to know. It was clear he was implying sex, it was hard not think about cheating or not calling the number on the note. It took me full day to decide and so aroused I couldn't wait for my husband leave the next mourning ended up fucking with him all mourning. I remember he took my clothes off and gave me the best pussy sucking and couldn't spread my legs wide enough for him. He was all what my husband never was. i never had man spanking me and fingering my butt telling me I had a tight butt hole. I guess turning me face down and the oil dripping down between my butt cheeks, the next was feeling was his dick sliding all the way inn. I thought it was dirty, but humiliation some times feels good. I loved the way he pounded me pinned down on the bed with his hand rubbing my . It was something no man had ever done to me and embarrassing having his sperm dripping out of my butt. If my husband only knew why I had trouble sitting down, I just told him it was my period.

3 months ago

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    • You have been too fast ... yes, go on!

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