Talk About Laying Pipe!!

My neighborhood recently had to have gas pipe replaced due to being wrong diameter now for the increased volume needed. There was a work crew on site for weeks as they slowly moved along. My neighborhood is not densely populated and the lots are big. So as they were in the vicinity of my house there were not really neighbors nearby.

It was extremely hot and they needed plenty of water as they worked. The foreman asked if I would mind them filling coolers of ice from my hose faucet and I said sure. They did that multiple times a day and I got chit chatting with a few guys. Now to be clear, I’m divorced, retired, live alone and am bi. These guys definitely had my attention, especially with shirts off and sweaty. I’m in Rhode Island and I learned they were a crew from Tennessee, assigned to this area for the duration of the project, which was apparently 6 months.

At one point near the end of a real hot day the guys were on break and getting water and I said “hey I have a pool in back and if you guys want to dip when you’re done, feel free. Just rinse in the outdoor shower first”. The foreman said that’s nice of me to offer but of course they don’t have their bathing suits. I said “no problem, just strip and swim, that’s how I always go”. He laughed and said maybe they would but I got the impression he was big into that idea. I kind of looked around at the other four guys and at least two seemed disappointed. The crew finished up for the day and left at 4 and it was still real hot.

About 30 minutes later the two that looked disappointed had come back on their own and asked if the pool offer was still open. I said of course and they came around back. After some cit chat and a beer they knew that I was divorced and bi and they revealed to me that they had been fooling around for months while on this job together. We all stripped, showered (which was fun) and jumped in the pool. More drinks followed and we all started kissing and fondling. When we were done in the pool we had more drinks and I grabbed the condoms and lube and we proceeded to have an all out 3-way on my pool patio. I’m in ok shape for my retirement age but these guys were maybe mid 40s and very fit.

They figured out quickly I was more of a bottom as I spent a lot of time on my knees for them, and on all fours ass up, and bent over various pieces of patio furniture. Damn these Tennessee boys liked to fuck and so did I. They weren’t big but what they lacked in size they made up for in strength and raw thrusting power. The next day all was as usual on the job except everyone brought bathing suits and swam after work…no sex. The rest of the crew was straight for sure. The two guys I fooled around with came over a few more times after work while their job continued. They did indeed know how to lay pipe.

Aug 7
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