I'm scared

All my life I have been addicted to exposing myself to strangers. I have had many miss carriages and one abortion. As you can imagine some men are all over me when I do my thing. I'm worried now because I may be pregnant and what if it's not my husband's. I can't tell him what I do he would never understand. And what if the baby isn't his and it's noticablly not his. Oh my God what have I done.

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  • If your stil having sex with your husband. How would he ever know if the baby was his or not? Enjoy yourself

  • Thank you

  • You are lucky that a Ted Bundy type has not got to you yet. Keep this up and one might.

  • Thank God I'm not pregnant

  • Exposing yourself is bad enough, but fucking other guys is crossing the line. You are mentally ill. I'd spend some time with a therapist and unpack your transgressions and the reasons for them. I'd have your husband come along too. He needs to know.

  • That was kind of mean

  • Maybe you should tell.him.what you do, and invite him.to watch

  • I feel like it's not something I want him involved in

  • Mmmmm good girl

  • I understand the need to expose yourself. It's hard for me to even wear clothes to work. I find every reason to be naked in front of everyone that I can.
    I masturbate and sex continually.

  • How many guys have to opened your legs for cheating on your husband?

  • I honestly don't know how many

  • Of course he wouldn't understand; after all, you don't understand either.

  • It's so true I'm so confused

  • Time for a paternity test and professional counseling.

  • I'm stressed

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