I'm scared

All my life I have been addicted to exposing myself to strangers. I have had many miss carriages and one abortion. As you can imagine some men are all over me when I do my thing. I'm worried now because I may be pregnant and what if it's not my husband's. I can't tell him what I do he would never understand. And what if the baby isn't his and it's noticablly not his. Oh my God what have I done.


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  • Sexual addictions are like any other they need to be addressed by a therapist who specialize in it. I’ve had sex with so many girls in my teens and now women over the years. I thought it was normal going thru the sex thing but it never ended not did I understand things I did was wrong. Not sure if it was finding a box or porn mags and videos VHS while stealing from a neighbors shead. I was about 9 yr old jacking off ever since It wasn’t till I was 12 I had sex with my neighbor a 10 yr old girl. From that point on sex was my drug my food my air to breath. I cheated on my third wife who my oldest daughter loved like a mother. My daughter stopped talking to me and my other kids followed having cheated on their mothers. My kids who always defended me hated me and I hated myself trying suicide. Drove my car into a tree got messed up and started talking to a therapist who referred me to a spealist who sent me to cotton wood in Arizona. While since I’ve never cheated and after 11 years repaired my relationship with my children and step children. My current wife knows my problem she suffered from it and we aren’t perfect I get on here. This is my only naughty outlet stopped porn and staying faithful one day at a time.

  • If your stil having sex with your husband. How would he ever know if the baby was his or not? Enjoy yourself

  • Thank you

  • You are lucky that a Ted Bundy type has not got to you yet. Keep this up and one might.

  • Thank God I'm not pregnant

  • Exposing yourself is bad enough, but fucking other guys is crossing the line. You are mentally ill. I'd spend some time with a therapist and unpack your transgressions and the reasons for them. I'd have your husband come along too. He needs to know.

  • That was kind of mean

  • Maybe you should tell.him.what you do, and invite him.to watch

  • I feel like it's not something I want him involved in

  • Mmmmm good girl

  • I understand the need to expose yourself. It's hard for me to even wear clothes to work. I find every reason to be naked in front of everyone that I can.
    I masturbate and sex continually.

  • How many guys have to opened your legs for cheating on your husband?

  • I honestly don't know how many

  • Of course he wouldn't understand; after all, you don't understand either.

  • It's so true I'm so confused

  • Time for a paternity test and professional counseling.

  • I'm stressed

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