Can’t stand it and just let go

I’m middle aged married and I now realize bi but never acted on it. My wife does not know, would not understand and it would likely jeopardize the marriage. So I have a few hidden dildos I use when she’s away visiting her mom, usually once a month or so. It’s such a huge relief and excitement when I know she’s leaving because I know I’ll get to play.

I mount the suction cup dildo wherever I can and just slam it into my ass repeatedly while imagining I’m being fucked by an alpha bull stud. I’m fairly handy and with an engineering background I’ve figured out how to create a variety of homemade self fucking devices. I love getting into various positions while imagining my lover pounding my ass. When I eventually stroke and cum with a load moan I imagine he’s ejaculating in me at the same time.

I want to take it to the next level and get fucked by real cock but am nervous about it including health risks to my wife. For now I’ll keep taking my “gay stud lover’s cock” like a whore.

Aug 7
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    • I am a bi male. Love being with guys. Mostly oral. But I have a friend that introduced me to a dildo some times ago. I know have 3 of my own. I spend many days enjoying my toys.

    • Wife going away this week. Getting butt plugs and a dildo. Like wearing panties and bras so I'll be fantasizing quite a bit. Getting one that has balls too. I'm very oral so it will be fun sucking and licking it. Had opportunities to me up with other men but chickened out.

    • You and I are a lot alike. Except I consider myself more gay the bisexual. I'm not very well indowed, even with a full erection my penis is only about three inches long an a good day, and only as thick as a vennia sausage. My wife was fine with it when we first year of our marriage. But now for the last five years shes turned to buying and using dildos instead of me. She has a entire drawer full of different size dildos. From one's the size of me, to huge BBC dildo, she even has a large dog cock, wolf cock, horse cock, and even a dragon cock dildo.
      I tend bar at a local gay club, and my wife works days at a bank. My wife knows I'm gay/bisexual. But what she doesn't know is that I know about he dildos in her drawer, and use them on myself daily while she's at work. I'll stick a couple of them to the wall in the shower, and fuck my ass before I shower. Then when I cum, I make sure to catch it all in a shot glass and drink it down. Then I clean the dildos up, most of the time licking them clean. Then wash them with soap, dry them and return them to her drawer, exactly where I found them she she doesn't know I used them.

    • I like smaller cocks. I could have all of yours in my mouth. My tongue swirling all over your cock while I finger your asshole.

    • That is hot anfd I am in the same boat. Op- where do you live?

    • Maine

    • That's so hot! I'm so into prostate vibrators. Nothing better

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