What are the signs?

Ladies when you are getting acquainted with a guy, whether on a first or second date, or possibly at work or just socializing, and you like him, what are the non-verbal signals you send to try and let him know you’re interested? Is there anything in particular that is your go-to “reel him in” move?

Aug 3
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    • I keep on watching her lip movement and tell her how beautiful are those lips and buy her couple of drinks. Next we are in the bed ...

    • Simple bro if they touch there hair while talking to you or touch you as they talk .

    • So one of the women that works for me always touches her hair. Do you think she wants my big thick Cock in her tiny mouth?

    • Definitely !! It’s subliminal women can’t not touch their hair if their sexually attracted to you

    • I guess the question is whether I have the balls to get my dick in her tight mouth and grope those bulbous tits of hers, but put my job at risk.

    • When you get to his place, excuse your self to the bathroom, strip naked, walk out totally nude and when you see him, tell him to get over here and f$&@ me. Works every time for me.

    • Yes I can see how that would work, lol, although I guess I was thinking more of the signals that got him to invite you there to begin with.

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