Hot night at an All Adult motel...

My wife Lynn and I were both 20-yo and had been swingers since we got married at 18. We'd gone out of town one weekend to go to a race. It was a last minute decision so we hadn't made hotel reservations. When we got there everywhere was full. We got lost and ended up in a rough part of the downtown area. But as we were trying to find our way back to the highway we were surprised to see a motel with a sign that said vacancy. It wasn't the nicest looking place but we figured it beat sleeping in the car. I went to the office to register as Lynn went to the drink machine outside. There was a nice breeze blowing and it kept blowing her lightweight dress up around her waist. All she had on under it was a sexy black garter belt & stockings with no panties. Being an avid exhibitionist she loved knowing that anyone looking in her direction could see her sexy round ass and bushy cunt, so she made very little attempt to push it back down. The guy in the office was obviously liking what he saw and couldn't take his eyes off my hot 5-8, 120-lb, 34-DD-24-35 body with long red hair & matching bush.

As I registered I couldn't help but notice a big sign saying no one under 21 allowed. But he was so busy checking out Lynn to really notice we were only 20. I also saw a glass display case full of sex toys, condoms, lubes, etc. And the TV in the office was playing a porn movie. We took our stuff to our room and soon realized all you could watch on the TV was porn movies they played in the office. One wall was a big mural and the other a giant mirror. The windows didn't have curtains but instead had wooden blinds. I noticed the way the blinds were made they didn't close very well. I went outside and looked and you could easily see inside the room. There were metal steps going to the 2nd floor right in front of our room and after a little adjusting I had the shades where anyone on the steps couldn't help but see right down onto our bed as well as anyone walking by. The room had a huge round bed with a red floodlight right over the bed. Lynn took her dress off and laid out on the bed and I went upstairs to see how the view was. As I came down another guy was in front of me. When he started down the steps he stopped and said damn check that out. He was looking at my sexy wife laying there fondling her big tits. We stood there for a couple of minutes watching until we heard someone else coming.

I put the camera on a tripod where I could remotely take pictures and got in bed with Lynn. When I'd hear someone walking by or coming down the loud metal steps I'd take a picture knowing the bright flash would catch their attention. I lost count of how many guys & couples watched Lynn sucking my thick 9" cock or us fucking in various positions or fucking her big tits. There was an adjoining room beside us and we could see flashes of light under the door so knew they were taking pictures also. We could also hear water splashing around so we knew that room had a hot tub. But ours was the last room they had so we hadn't been able to get a room with a hot tub. If you listened you could hear them talking and I heard the guy say something about the batteries in his flash had died sounding very disappointed. When I heard him say something about getting a couple of sodas I quickly put on a pair of shorts going out of our room just as he did. We started talking on the way to the vending machines and I commented on how the rooms were great for taking sexy pictures. I got the reaction I was hoping for when he agreed and then told me about his batteries dying. And I told him I had a couple of extra packs of batteries and he could have a pack. When we got to the room I opened the door and let him go in first.

As planned Lynn was sitting on the bed naked except for the garter belt & stockings. I introduced them and took my time getting the batteries while Lynn kept talking to him giving him a reason to be looking at her as she casually sat there in front of him basically naked and making no effort to cover up at all. He saw the camera on the tripod facing the bed and said they needed something like that so they could take some action pictures. I was surprised when Lynn spoke up and said we used to have to get someone else to take action pics for us but we liked taking pictures in hotels because it had different backgrounds and you couldn't just ask a stranger if they'd take some pictures of us having sex. By then I'd handed him the batteries and had slid my shorts and sat on the bed beside Lynn naked. His eyes kept moving from Lynn's tits to my cock. The whole time he was there the door was wide open and anyone walking by could see us sitting there naked. He finally left and I went over to the door between the rooms to try and listen and heard him telling his wife how hot we were and commenting how much he'd like to fuck Lynn and to see her and Lynn together. Then told her he knew she'd like to ride my big dick. She asked why he hadn't invited us to join them? He said he'd kind of wanted to but wanted to be sure she was OK with it. A couple of minutes later we heard him go outside and then knock on our door. He invited us to come over and meet his wife. I put my shorts back on, but Lynn went outside still naked loving the idea that someone might see her.

Ron looked to be in his early 40's but Patrica looked only to be in her early 30's and was smoking hot. She was tall and slender with big 38-D tits. Black hair and grey eyes. And just oozed sexual energy. When he introduced us she hugged each of us and held Lynn for a couple of minutes as she quietly told her how turned on she got with redheads. And said she really hoped Lynn liked girls, as Lynn leaned forward and gave Pat a hot kiss. Pat said she understood we liked taking pictures too, and suggested we take some pictures of her and Lynn together. I went and got my camera and we opened the door between the rooms. Soon the girls were on the bed kissing and sucking each other's tits and then in a hot 69 eating each other's pussy. After getting each other off a couple of times Pat suggested I join them as Ron kept taking pictures of the 3 of us. They both sucked me off and I fucked Pat while Lynn licked & sucked my balls and licked Pats pussy as my cock pumped in and out. I fucked Pat's tits and filled her mouth with my hot cum. She and Lynn swapped my cum back & forth before swallowing it. Pat was so damn hot I wanted to fuck her again and soon they had me hard again so I moved behind her and was going to fuck her doggie style, but she told me to fuck her in the ass. I loved that idea and as I started fucking that sexy ass of her's she started eating Lynn's pussy again. Pat was so hot as she was telling me in a very raspy sexy voice to pound her ass, telling me she wanted to feel my big dick fill her tight little ass. As I fucked that sexy ass I was reaching around fondling those beautiful big tits of hers.

The whole time Ron was taking pictures and even took some using my camera. The closest he'd come to joining in was to feel Lynn's tits a little. After filling Pat's ass full of cum Lynn licked her clean. Finally Lynn sucked Ron's cock, but he really seemed like he'd have been happy to have just taken pictures. It was getting late so we went back to our room and were surprised that the next morning Pat & Ron had left really early. We went the Saturday race and Lynn wore a loose fitting low cut top that made it easy for her to show off her tits and a pair of skimpy shorts her ass was half hanging out of, so she had lots of fun exposing herself. But that night at the motel things really heated up.

Aug 3
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