My mom is sleeping with my friend

I have recently discovered that my friend from high school is sleeping with my mom. I found out because an old neighbor told me Hey I thought you had moved out. I said Yes I moved like 3 months ago. And he said oh it’s cause I have been seeing your friend R**** come over to your moms house. I thought you still lived there. That put a bit of curiosity into my head so I started to investigate. I didn’t have to do much. I just drove by the house a couple times and sure enough R is visiting her. She left one time to a cousins house for a wedding and I decided to go inside the house to look for evidence. Mind you I still have keys to her house. And began to dig around and I found a pack of condoms and lubricant. She can’t using them with my dad cause he’s been dead for 10 years. I was super shocked but I almost also blew a load into my pants. I was incredibly turned on by it. I don’t know how normal that is but I kinda liked it. I spoke to my friend about it and he confessed to me that they’ve been intimate for a couple of weeks now. And that he just goes to take care of her and that he leaves. I was fighting the feeling but I kinda wanted him to give me details about what they do. I feel super weird about it but I really want to know because it really turns me on. Any advise ? Is this crazy? Should I look for professional help?

Aug 3
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    • Older women do have sexual needs to be fulfilled. This what your mom is up to and at her age she must be enjoying a younger hard cock!! It is good that this turns you on after talking to your friend. You need not go for professional help, rather arrange with your friend to have a 3-some with your mom.

    • Yes, a threesome or even 4-some would be very enjoyable.

      I’m 51 and I have had the pleasure to enjoy 3 of my sons friends at once. Nothing better than 3 young hard cocks at once. One in each hole!

    • I felt the same when I found out that my friend Neil was fucking my mother, I accidentally caught them one afternoon as I was just about to walk in through my mother's front door,something caught my eye in the window and I looked through the net to see what it was! My mother was on her knees sucking my friend Neil's cock! I was just about to go berserk when something inside me wanted to watch! I went around the back and crept in the kitchen,the living room door was open and I could see everything! Neil started taking my mother's clothes off and she was in her underwear! She removed her bra and her tits flopped out! Mum was 65 but looked a lot younger! Neil sucked her tits while she wanked his cock! Neil took her knickers off and told her that he loved her hairy pussy! She turned around and Neil fucked her from behind! I left it a few weeks before confronting him! I told him that I'd seen them fucking and surprised him by saying if she was a good fuck! He then started showing me photos of my mother being fucked and sucking his cock!it turned me on so much

    • You should suck his cock afterwards

    • During covid, I hooked up with an ex-gf's mom. S was actually my mom's bff too. I dated S daughter C**y back in high school. S was cool and knew C**y and I were f**king. She put C**y bc.
      I was 20 at the time and home from college because it closed. I didn't want to be locked up at home so I decided to stay on my parents boat they have docked at the lake. A weekend in May, my mom asked if I would take her and S out.
      btw; S husband was stuck in Japan on business and wouldn't be back for months.
      Mom backed out but asked if I'd still take S. I was board and agreed. I took the boat out to a cove and we swam. S was in great shape for her age. The sun started to set and she was drinking lots of wine. She was flirting with me and I thought 'what the hell'. I went for it. I asked if she'd like to f**k. That started a summer of fun until D***d came home.
      To answer the question I get asked when I tell this story. Mom f**ks better than her daughter.

    • Totally agree. I prefer older women as well after fucking my GF’s mom

    • I got caught fucking my mom's business partner. They own an insurance business together.
      I was 19 & Nancy's married and my mom's age when we got caught. We actually started when I was 16 and her husband Bill was away on a trip for work. She asked mom if I could come over to help her with yard work and use my truck to get mulch. There was no yard work. Her landscapers had already done the work. lol
      When I got there she told me Bill was fucking around and she wanted to do the same. We secretly fucked for years until her neighbor told mom I was coming over when Bill was away. The neighbor told mom I was at her house one day and mom came over unannounced. It was an awkward moment but things quickly got back to normal after Nancy told mom about Bill's affairs.

    • Your mom was probably jealous of Nancy at first getting a nice young buck when her husband, Bill, was away. But once she found out Bill was cheating I’m sure she was like, “Well I’m jealous but at least she is getting back at him”

    • When mom asked how long we'd been fucking, Nancy told her one week after I turned 18. I quickly backed her up.

    • Smart! Glad to hear you have an older woman to help you gain experience in the art of pleasing women.

    • Oh BTW, if you are looking for another older woman to add to your harem let me know

    • I'm always looking, care to describe yourself?

    • I’m from the Houston area. I’m a 51 year old mother of 3. Been married 28 years but really want more out of my sex life.

      I’m 5’9” long dark brown hair and blue eyes. My measurements are 38-33-39. My breasts are not as perky as they once were after breastfeeding 3 kids (who are now 25,22 and 19). The girls are c cups with large areoles and nipples.

      I love giving and receiving oral. My breasts are very sensitive and I love have them sucked on. As a matter of fact my husband can make me orgasm just by sucking on my breast.

      My pussy sports a trimmed bush and the kitty loves being petted gently across her plump furry lips

      Let me know if you want to know more

    • Oh and tell me a little about yourself as well, darling.

    • I'm definitely not one to turn down free pussy. I am interested in trying you out for sure!
      Dang! You sound H O T for your age!! btw; Nancy's 47 so you'd be the oldest for me.
      About me. I'm 22 now and a country boy that wears jeans, cowboy boots, t-shirt & drives a 2005 F-150. I'm from south Georgia near the Florida line. I'm 6' 2", slim & played hs football, still go to the gym 3 days a week. I've got sandy blonde hair & mustache. I also have blue eyes. Mom and Nancy tell me I look like a young Trace Adkins the old country singer from their generation.

    • Mmmm. You’re the same age as my youngest son. I’m getting wet just thinking about you. You sound so handsome.

      How large is your cock. Hope being over 50 is not a turn off. We move my daughter off to college next week. Let me know if you are open to coming down to Houston. I’d love to arrange for you to “visit” when my husband is out of town for business


    • Been fucking my exGF’s mom for three years she is 52 and I’m 22.

      She is the best lover I ever had

    • Lucky lady. Nothing is better than young eager men

    • We lost our older brother when he was 18. It tore my parents apart.
      My brother was a wonderful person that everyone liked and he had a slew of friends.
      Mom has had an empty nest for last 3 years. Dad has had no contact with her for the last 9 years, he won't even allow you to speak her name when you visit him.
      For the last year or so she's been in really good spirits, come to find out that 2 of my brothers friends take turns visiting her a couple of times a week

    • Get one or two of them really small cameras…

    • I can see that messing with your head but from a stranger's perspective (myself) I am happy for her. Finding a friend in this horrible world that brings your Mom a little bit of happiness is a blessing even if it is not right by conventional standards.

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