Coming clean

My gf and I were watching GoT and there was a scene with two guys. Sarah said, "They never show anything when it two guys but if it's a guy and a girl you see her tits while she's getting pounded." I said, "Well if they showed two guys doggy style you'd see his dick swinging. It would basically be porn." She said, "Would you watch it if they showed it?" I said, "I mean we are all adults. I wouldn't be all childish about it." She said, "You ever been with another guy?" I said, "Yeah." She said, "Really? Like for real?" I said, "Yeah." She said, "What all did you do?" I said, "You really wanna know?" She said, "Yeah. It's kinda interesting." I said, "Everything." She said, "You've sucked dick?" I said, "Yeah." She said, "You fucked him?" I said, "Not exactly." She said, "Explain." I said, "He fucked me." She said, "You took a dick in the ass? You liked it?" I said, "You like anal?" She said, "You know I do." I said, "It's probably the same. It was weird and kinda painful at first but I got used to it." She said, "How many times?" I said, "I don't know." She said, "Once? Twice? 10 times?" I said, "You really wanna know this?" She said, "Yes! I gotta know. This is some good shit!" I said, "I had a gay roommate a couple years ago." She said, "That doesn't tell me anything." I said, "One bedroom apartment." She said, "Oh. You were a couple then?" I said, "Nothing like that. Just sex. Not sure I could date another guy." She said, "How many times?" I said, "Almost every day...for like a year." She said, "That's a lot of sex."

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  • I'm a guy and I found your story very hot. I'd love to have a nice stiff cock to suck on and also have it in my ass. I love wearing ladies lingerie, and I'd love to have an open minded girl like you've got.

  • Not likely. Any woman with any brains and self respect would run far away from a man who's had gay sex. The chances of you having Aids in your butt are very high, not to mention the other diseases that run rampant in the Sodomite community. If you like the cock, do us all a favor and stay away from women.

  • You're dumb

  • Really dude, are you for real? AID's is out there man. Straight sex, lesbian sex, or gay sex, it doesn't matter, if your partner got it so will you. Unless you know your partner real well, or he/she has been checked for AID's within the last couple of months. It's a game of Russian rullet, so wear a condom.

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