Bad man I am

So: married a number of years, currently seeing 2 married woman and a single woman, none of whom know I’m married. I’m 47. Ones 29, ones 39 and ones 42. I don’t seem to be able to resist cheating. Even in my previous marriage I cheated with over 15 women. Some knew I was attached. Most didnt!

Aug 1
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    • My father in law had to many affairs to mention when he was married to my wife's mother Diane,she even hired a private detective to follow him! They've been divorced for 20 or so years now and when I see him he always says how handsome he was and how much he loved pussy! Here's where it gets interesting! After a couple of whisky's he asked me what hannah my wife was like in bed! I thought he was joking and laughed, no cmon he said I'm serious! Fucking hell pepe I said! OK I said, feels a little bit odd telling you though! He nearly choked on his drink when I said that we'd tried swinging! My hannah he said? Well you wanted to know pepe! So you watch other men with her? Yeah I love it I told him, sometimes 2 and 3 at once I said! Wow! So she follows her father then he chuckled, what do you think I said and showed him some photos of hannah on my phone, dirty little bitch my wifes dad said, I had a video of her getting fucked in her pussy and arsehole! She's really enjoying it isn't she pepe said with his eyes glued to my phone

    • You are not a bad man but a sexy stud who know how to fuck with multiple women. I wish I could join you!!

    • Why bother to get married if you're going to cheat. That's why everyone posting that it's in our wiring is an asshole. You have options to stay single so stop trying to pass it off as anything else. Have some balls and get divorced.

    • I commit to one woman and don’t cheat with other women. I’d feel guilty. But I’m bi and need sex with men too. So I cheat on her with dozens of men. It’s fucked up and I’m an asshole I know. But that’s what I do.

    • Males, human or otherwise, are not wired to fuck only one woman. We are wired to want to fuck all women we encounter. Or least the ones that mother nature’s chemistry tells us to want to fuck.The wiring and pleasure is to encourage procreation. The fact that we don’t usually procreate and just fuck for pleasure is, frankly not ours or anyone’s fault. Societal norms and religious doctrine have tried to change mother natures’s plan, but that will never really succeed. Men will continue to bury their cocks in wet pussy and pump in seed. It just is.

    • I don't blame you. I feel the same way. Too much pussy out there to only fuck one

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