I would like cum tributes and to be told what you would do to her

Aug 1
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Margaret I miss my Louisiana Princess


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    • I would fuck her deep and rough in her tight little asshole in front of you as she begs me to stop from the pain of my 9 inch cock slamming into her

    • Bet.! I’m down… I wanna see her… ;) // jayb48887@gmail.com

    • I will f her in front of you.

    • My wife found out I was loaning her sexed-up (wet) panties to a bud of mine who had a crush on her.
      The night I told her while we were in our foreplay ("I think some of my panties are disappearing - then they come back! Know anything about that, mister?!"
      I confessed - and she got reeeeal quiet for too long, then said, "well, as long as he gives them back!....and BTW, what does he do with them? Why does he want a pair of my panties?"
      Honey - you know he's got a crush on you - well, he told me he fantasizes about you.
      "He fantasizes about me, while he has my panties?" Then she thought a bit. "Oh my goodness!....Is THAT what he's doing with them?!"
      later she admitted that she thinks this whole thing is kind of sexy!....and I've noticed that she acts differently around him now.

    • Email me a pic of her and I’ll tell you what I think .!! // jayb48887@gmail.com

    • There is more of this going on with our wives than we know! Don’t be too surprised if young guys and other men, already have cum thinking about your wife, if they have photos of your wife that’s would make it better. When I first was aware of other guys doing that to my wife, a friend had a picture of my wife with his wife. He cut his wife out of the photo and cut the photo down to where you could see my wife’s ass, DDD tits and her lips. When I asked him about why he has a picture of my wife from a beach trip he just blurted out “So I can think about fucking her and her sucking my cock.” He’s never talked like that to me or been that vulgar. He grabbed his phone but I quickly told him that I liked knowing he saw my wife in that way! He was surprised! I told him a little about what she’s like in bed, what’s it like to have her suck cock. We were both horny. Sometimes lately, I’ll tell him something about her or send him a sexy photo and he just loves it. I haven’t told my wife about him and I’m sure that he hasn’t told his. His wife is from the south, proper, has a sexy body but just doesn’t like to fuck he said! She will occasionally suck his cock and he wishes he could look at my wife’s photos while his wife is working over his cock. I told him that I would not have a problem giving his proper wife a cum tribute and he was shocked! I wouldn’t mind giving your wife a cum tribute after you were watching her use her lips to get my cock hard and wet, and I would even let you guide my cock inside her wet pussy, but only after you teased her pussy with my cock’s head for a while.

    • Describe her to us.

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