Masterbating fun

I like to "Masterbate" .. but now as an ( older straight male 55 + ) .... I find it strangly exciting to "Mastervate" before (
( or ) after my work-out at the neighborhoob Rec-Center's ... [ Shower-room / Locker- Room ] ..I will sit on the bench changing my clothes ... when alone ... I " Masterbate .. take off my pants and underwear .... sit there and begin to touch, rub the rtip of my "Cock" -head .. then as my "Cock" gets harder and a bit bigger .. ( but Not a big "Cock" ..when fully hard my "Dick" it's about - [ 4 1/2 inces long ] - ) ... I "Masterbate" .. ""Jack - Off" .."Stroke my now "Har" - "Cock" .. sometimes when other guys are in the Shower-Room / Locker - Room either showering or changing clothes ..I will look at their "Cocks" ... { young and old, small and big, short and Long don't matter } .. and with a towel or rag lI will sort of hide what I am doing ....... I m "Jerking - Off:" .. "masterbating" ... and sometimes even "cumming "

Aug 1
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    • I love masterbating in public places I'd probably sit down and join you, it spas and saunas as well

    • Interesting writing style that relies heavily on overuse of quotation marks, parenthesis and brackets. Why do you put the word cock in quotes, for example. Is it not really a cock?

    • You commented on my writing, which is okay but you have no comments on my true story, instead of what happened that day.

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