Stripped at school by a group of boys and girls

I have thought about this experience many times before but never written it down. When I was about 16 I received an anonymous letter during the Easter holidays. It had a cutting from I discovered in later years a magazine called playgirl. It showed two young women slowly undressing a man until they removed his underpants and he was completely naked. They both had very excited expressions when they removed his pants and spread his legs and fully exposed his cock and balls while they remained fully clothed. This was as far as the clippings from the magazine went. There was a hand written letter with the photos. This explained how one of the girls had borrowed this magazine from their mother while she was out. That she had shared these photos with several girl classmates and her sister and her sisters older friends. It stated that they all thought stripping a guy totally naked and spreading his legs wide open in front of a group of girls so that his genitals were totally exposed and he was completely naked was a great fun thing to do. That they wanted to do this to a boy at school and had thought about which boy they wanted to totally strip first. They explained that some of their group were in the same class as myself and that they thought that I was cute and quite slightly built and not to strong which would mean that as a group they could over power me and get me butt naked and that they were looking forward to seeing my penis and balls. They ended the letter by stating that I would not know when they were going to strike but that there was no escape. As you can imagine this letter made me somewhat anxious and I examined the writing to see if I could recognise if it belonged to any of my female classmates. I drew a blank on this but went back to school after the Easter holidays with some trepidation and viewing all female classmates with some suspicion. After several weeks nothing happened and even though I dropped some subtle hints nobody suggested that they had the slightest clue what I might be hinting at. As time went on I put it down to a wind up by some of my male classmates for a bit of fun. I forgot the correspondence and destroyed it without my mother and father getting sight of the letter. By July we were taking our end of year exam for 16 year olds as were some of the 18 year olds prior to going to University. Some of us finished at lunchtime and virtually had the school playing fields to ourselves for the afternoon on a glorious hot summers day whilst the majority had one more exams to finish that afternoon. My bus home did not go until 5pm so I had an afternoon to kill. Four of my classmates two boys Wayne and Terry and two girls Jane and Lyn suggested that we go over the playing fields and have a game of football. This seemed a great idea. When we got over the field there were four 18year olds there as well. I will always remember their names Sally, Liz and Robert and Steven. Apparently Jane had invited them across as well. We all took our blazers and ties off as it was so hot. We were having great fun playing football and fooling around. Must admit I really enjoyed the company of two stunningly attractive 18 year old girls such as Sally and Liz. I almost blushed each time they spoke to me. After about 15minutes we all stopped to drink some water. While we were drinking suddenly Jane stated, lets rape Marc. Initially I was surprised and nobody moved or did anything or said anything and I just stood there. Unbeknown to me Wayne had got on all fours behind me and suddenly Lyn raced at me and pushed me flying over Wayne, Suddenly things started happening really quickly. Terry grabbed my arms behind me and in one fell swoop I was flat on my back. While I was still slow to register what was happening. Lyn and Jane grabbed both my ankles one each. I was pinned down. Quickly they removed both my shoes and socks and threw them to one side. Liz came across and quickly undid all the buttons on my shirt pulling the shirt out of my trousers. Jane called to Sally and called her across to undue my trousers. My delayed action ended and I started fighting against my classmate Terry for all my worth. Sally had just undone the top button of my trousers when I managed to break free from Terry and the girls. I got up and just ran for it across the playing field with no shoes or socks on and my shirt totally open . I was really anxious to get away not worried about the clothes I had left behind and being pursued by Jane, Lyn, Sally, Liz, Wayne and Terry. I got about 10 yards when I was intercepted by the two older stronger boys Robert and Steven. They grabbed me and while one held me the other removed my shirt. By the time the others caught up they had pinned me on my back again but now I was naked to the waist. My arms were held above my head. Each had my wrist in a vice like grip and I knew that I was not going to escape their hold. Wayne and Jane had hold of one ankle and Terry and Lyn the other. Sally and Liz placed themselves at my waist and were looking down at my trousers. I began to panic and stated ok you have had your fun you have frightened me enough now let me go. Sally just smiled at me and spoke to everybody when she said where were we when he tried to escape. O yes his zipper shall we pull it down everybody was very excited and shouted pull it down. Sally looked down at me and said sorry they want your zip down and your trousers off. She undid my zip and Liz and herself reached under my bum and pulled my trousers down. They both smiled as they pulled them down to my knees where they were grabbed by Jane and Lyn and pulled down the rest of my legs and thrown to one side. I was increasingly anxious and breathing quite rapidly and very conscious that I was virtually naked except for my underpants and watch. I began to plead please don't take my pants down while everybody laughed. Liz taunted me stating what is that bump in the front of his pants. Sally and Liz removed my pants from off my bum which revealed my pubes but left the front covering my cock and balls. Sally asked everybody if they should get rid of these old pants and examine my privates. As you can imagine except for myself everybody wanted me naked and exposed. I was so embarrassed but helpless I closed my eyes as my pants were pulled down to my knees then yanked down my legs by Jane and Lyn and pulled of totally. They then opened my legs wider as Jane wanted the fullest possible view of my balls. I was so embarrassed two girls from my own class could see every aspect of my privates. Things only got worse as Sally and Liz started fondling my balls and pulling my cock back and for. Despite my total embarrassment I soon had a total hard on and was quite aroused and my breathing was getting shallower and more excited. I called out for Sally and Liz to stop as if they were not careful I would cum. Again everybody laughed, Sally said that she wanted all my spunk milk it was my present to her. She had long nails and while Liz kept tossing me she started inserting her small finger into my penis hole. I just exploded and had a massive ejaculation while Liz kept pumping to get every last drop out. Since I had been naked Jane had been photographing me naked , including with a full hard on. Close ups and ensuring other shots that made it clear that it was easy to identify the naked boy as myself. It was made clear that if I told anybody what had happened these would go all around the school. This would also be the case if I did not do what they wanted over the next two years we had left in school. I complied to all their requests. There is something about human nature that gets really excited about a group stripping and exposing somebody else whether that person is male or female and having control over them. This experience definitely impacted upon my future relationships with women often letting them be in control and sometimes involving their friends

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  • I would have begged the girls to finger me while i was spread for them! ;)

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