Stupid White Peoples

All you dumb ass white fuckers can kiss my big nigga ass. That's fucking right. You people are worthless fucking liars and cheats. I hope you alls burns the fucks in hell. You deserve it for all the centuries of murdering and tourturing us peoples of color. You steal ours music and culture from us. Yous be the whites devils and are a plague on the world. The hates I have for you all is because of the ways you treated us and our ancestors. You should be paying reparations for your sins. You should go home to home begging us for forgiveness for ages of rape, torture, murder, and all the lying and cheated you have done to us.

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  • They might haves banned or removes my post about all the dumb ass white bitches wanting our black mens cocks. Fuck them and fucks you. Nobodys is going to shut me ups. White people are whats wrong with the worlds. They fuck up everythings they touches. I so hate to see when a brother is with a no good fucking white bitch. It tears me ups inside. Cause I knows they are making a huge mistake. White people are blue eyed devils from hell. They are Satan worshiping scum. Jesus was a brother. He was black as me . Our pastor has warned us about the lies and bad deeds of the white mans. Just looks at the shit they have done to peoples like the native americans. You stole their land from them. Looks how you enslaved my peoples. Still holding good brothers and sisters down with your fucking corrupts systems of governments. I works in the government and I see everyday how you are. Nobody is going to tell me that I can't speaks my minds. Fuck you alls.

  • You are obviously a White boy, trying to stir the pot. Hopefully your mommy will find your posts on her computer and reinstall the adult content blocker and give you a time-out in the corner.

  • I must be. Cause you fuckings knows everythings. I really hates dumb ass peoples like you. So suck my ass bitch. Fucks you!

  • Your last post got reported and removed because you are racist
    This one will as well
    Fuck off

  • No you can go fucks off you fucking cracker heads. Kiss my huge sexy black ass. Bitch!

  • Hello Niggas! The ships are now departing for the promised land. All the big huge black cunt , ass', fried fucking chicken, water melons, and colt fucking 45 you can handles. Plus endless hours of Nigga porn and twos Cadillacs parked next to yo fucking shacks. Hurrys don't walks runs or you'll be a missing outs. There is a ship departing the docks every hour on the hour. You will soon be re-united with the offspring of the brothers and sisters who sold you into slavery working for the man every night and day. But don't be holding a grudge now they built a better place for your return and are waiting with their nappy heads all slicked up and open arms and legs too. Yippy ! Can you a smell what the Rock's bees a cooking ? Hope it's fucking chitlins.

  • Fuck you asshole. Call me that to my face bitch!

  • I got your reparations you dumb ass monkey. How about your people pay back for all the years of handouts they have gotten to cause they are too lazy to work or drugged up to work. Orientals and Hispanics and many other groups have come to this country and worked hard and made something out of themselves. Your people have bitched and complained and free loaded longer and harder in the history of the world. Wish ole Abe Lincoln had lived and sent your ass' back to fucking Africa where you belong. It's too cold in North America for you don't you want to go back home? The only things you are good at MLB, NBA, NFL, NAACP . Not really so sure about that either.

  • Fuck you I'm no monkey. It was a dumb ass white man who says all people come from apes that Darwin asshole. He means everyone includings you. So you are so dumbs that you don't even knows what your owns peoples have said. Eat me you stupid cracker head.

  • The only reparations that should be paid is one-way ticket to get your ass back to Africa.

    Slavery was a mistake and horrible, because it brought in the black people. Basically all black men should be castrated at birth and white dudes need to keep fucking black women until we dilute the color out of the babies until they are white. It might take a few generations, but we can do it.

  • Only mistake was they didn't sink the ships before they reached the coast.

  • Go fuck your mother

  • Don't you talks about my mother you fucking piece of white trash. Fuck you and your mother bitch.

  • No way yuck! Who wants to fucks a Niggas!

  • More dumb ass fucks talking reparations. I got an idea. How about a bill to make blacks pay for all the shit they fuck you and problems they create? I think that would be a great idea. Seeing as they fuck up just about everything they touch.

  • Piss off your just a real stupid bitch

  • Fucks you dumb asshole. Eat my black ass

  • Stupid White Peoples? Written by a dumb ass illiterate niggas. Fuck you !

  • You thinks you be smarter than me. You are the dumb ass. Go fucks yourselves in the asshole you cracker head.

  • Bend over, and I'll give you some reperations.

  • Fucks you! Kiss my fucking big ass bitch.

  • That holes been previously filled.

  • Okay you made a believer out of me with your marvelous usage of the English vernacular. So where do I send my $1.00 to?

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