Nursing mom

This girl was five years older than me in my neighborhood. Super gorgeous and we knew each other for years but didn’t interact much.

She got married at 21 and had a kid right away.

I was 17 and had to drop something off at their place and wait to be picked up. She was there with her baby and we talked a bit. Then she showed me that the baby was trying to suck her boob even though she was clothed. She took the baby in the other room to feed him and I guess put him in bed.

She came out and sat on the other end of the couch and said “I guess you want to see my boobs” just matter-of-fact. I certainly did but didn’t say anything. She smiled and then pulled off her top. She sat up so I could see them. She smiled liked she loved this. Then she shook them a little. She asked if that gave me a boner and I said yes and she asked me to show her. I took it out and it felt really intense and pulsating and was sticking out bigger than ever. I didn’t know what a handjob even was or that a woman could wank me off. That’s what she did she took it in her hand and rubbed it and as she said “It’s so big” I ejaculated. She smiled and walked topless to the kitchen and back to clean me off.

I still remember her breasts moving while she walked and wiped up the mess. Then she put her top back on and we chit chatted until my mom picked me up. I was dizzy from excitement so I told my mom I wasn’t feeling well and needed to go to bed, which I did and then I wanked like crazy for hours.

Jul 31
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    • My aunt had her second baby and I saw her boobs have grown so much that she used lose shirt of my uncle to cover them up. Couple of times I saw her baby suckling them with her short unbuttoned. That was a great sight for me but I did not know that her boobs ached with overflowing milk even though her baby had her enough of it! At this time she would get restless and lightly massage her boobs to ease her aching sensation. Couple of times I asked her what was wrong till she confessed the problem and requested me to suck on her tits to relieve her from the aching. I was then only a teenager and I had my first test of ripe women's boobs and taste of her milk. Delicious and unforgettable experience for me!

    • My husband's buddy came to our house early one Saturday morning for an early tee time. My husband slept late and was in the shower. Nick and I were in the kitchen and I offered him cup of coffee. He asked for creamer. I opened the fridge and he noticed the breast milk container. Jokingly he asked for that. I added it to his coffee. He took a sip. I asked if he liked it. He said he'd like to try some straight from the tap. I could still hear the water running in the shower. I told him to be quick. I pulled up my shirt and opened my nursing bra. I showed him how to massage first then suck. He was shocked I made him do the other side too or else they'd hurt.
      That's still our little secret.

    • Oh yeah. I would have a difficult time keeping my dick out of a woman in this situation.

    • We had a women’s pumping room at work and if I worked late alone I’d go in and sniff the damp milky paper towels they used to dab the drips. And I’d stroke and ejaculate while doing it. I renamed it the Dairy Room…..milk and cream! Lol

    • Coworker was pumping at work when she could. She was shy at first then didn't care if you caught her. She was a stunning brunette and got an awesome rack after. Tried hard not to stare but she finally said she liked the attention and would flash her nipples time to time

    • Wow! You should have sucked on her breasts. Breast milk is soooo good

    • Damn Lucky !

    • I would have fucked her and another baby in the oven.😊

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