Unsure of myself now

My name Is Doris and I have been married for over 8 years now with two children 7 and 5 years old.
I have the misfortune of being married to a pervert that has been lately wanting to watch another guy screw me in front of him and I fended him off but he still kept it up until ne day I just said if that is what you want OK and within a week his friend Tod and got it on in Tod's Apartment with Wayne watching us.
I enjoyed it but did not cum until Wayne went down on me and began to lick up Tod's deposit .
I was shocked and very surprised but by the time I thought to push him away it felt so good I just closed my eyes and enjoyed it. I thought that would be the end of it but then Wayne began again wanting to watch a black guy do me and I surprised myself by agreeing after only a short time and we looked over some of the shared wife sites finding David right off Wayne wants a guy with a huge cock to do me but David had a much bigger cock than any I had ever had at a thick 8 1/2 inches and although he was not what you would call handsome he was not at all ugly and his body was a wet dream .
His well muscled chest was beautiful and his trim waist was enticing .
his ass cheeks firm and well muscled to.
His cock hard had no bend to it at all and I know that my fingers would not circle it but I felt strangely excited looking at his manhood all erect and his trestles were also huge hanging down between his legs like ripe pears and I felt my pulse race looking at it.
I told Wayne when he asked if that was the guy that if he wanted him to do me I was willing so he said I don't want him to cum in you though.
I have been on birth control for 5 years now and I couldn't see any reason for that but he insisted so I said whatever.
Well we met with him at his apartment that Saturday and I could see that Wayne was intimidated by him and it was fun watching him squirm as Tod took me in his arms and we kissed I glanced at Wayne and I could see him l kind of shrink as Tod took My blouse and pulled it off over my head and I was enjoying this a ot then he unhooked my bra and I made eye contact with my husband but his eyes were staring at Tod's mouth as he almost swallowed my whole breast. It felt great with him biting my nipple lightly as he sucked first one then the other of my breasts then I felt Tod push me onto my back and he raised my legs hooking my pants and panty's in his fingers and he pulled them off removing my sneakers at the same time I was watching Wayne until I felt Tod's hot breath against my thighs and his tongue slipped into my pussy and I gasped arching my back and I forgot about my husband as this feeling of a pending orgasm began building inside of me my fingers found his wiry hair and I pulled him tight against me grinding my self against his tongue I was going to cum and it felt fantastic as his tongue slid up and down my slit it felt like I had to pee really bad now so I closed my eyes letting my orgasm claim me as Tod gently nibbled on my excited clit my orgasm washed over me and I felt weightless and it was beautiful I came for a long time my body his slave then another climax claimed me and I again was breathes pulling his head tight against my pubes until he broke free and I felt him above me and my legs were widely spread with my knees bent as Tod raised above my hs face locked in a snarl and his hand on his monster cock as he moved between my thighs and I felt his cock head at my entrance.
I heard Wayne say from a distance don't cum in her but I couldn't care less his cock head was forcing its way into me and my body was on fire now he entered me in a quick thrust then he was above me looking at my breasts for several seconds before he began to stroke into me I raised up so I could watch his cock and I gauged how much of his cock went into me by the slimy ring of my fluids around his shaft and in a dream state I heard Wayne say again don't cum in her but my body responded to his and my legs wrapped around his waist his cock felt huge inside of me probe deeper than I had ever been fucked before and my body was responding to his I felt light headed and his cock felt sooooo good in me nd I felt the now familiar climax once again building inside of me I was breathless and unable to stop as my orgasm grew and grew until it explodes and I was left gasping for breath but Tod was above me his teeth clenched on his lower lip and he was fucking me like a jack hammer and I was aware now of Wayne standing beside the bed yelling don't cum in her don't you cum in her and then Wayne grunted an jammed his cock into me and I felt his cock pulse as he stated Cumming my thoughts were jumbled and Wayne was almost screaming now until Tod yelled shut the fuck up and Wayne timidly stopped but he was crying now.
I felt a little sorry for him but Tod's cock was still spurting inside of me and I could feel his cot cum inside of me to and I felt very proud of myself.
We weht home after that and argued about his Cumming in me but I argued that it was only fair he did not stop when I came but now six weeks later I know beyond a doubt that I am pregnant I am sure that Wayne will want me to about it but it is my child to and I want it even if it ends our marriage


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  • The dude writing this ( and don't think for one second it's not a dude ) got so worked-up that the sub-Saharan pussy-eater's name changed, probably mid-stroke. Laughable and pathetic !

  • Why would first Tod get to cum in you with your husband Wayne cleaning it up... but David/second Tod not be invited to cum in you? And how did you get pregnant if you have been on birth control for 5 years?

    I would keep the baby, too, though.

  • Women can still get pregnant while on birth control I was surprised to but it happened .
    Wayne just likes to lick another mans cum out of me and I don't now why I don't really like the taste of it myself but he loves it.

  • So why didn't he clean up David/2nd Tod's cream pie? Maybe then you wouldn't have got knocked up.

  • What makes you think he didn't and I just did not tell about that part because you might thinkhe is a wimp or something.....

  • Did you even read what you posted? Wimpy Wayne was crying. There are too many inconsistencies for this story to appear truthful.

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