Why I love this site

Why I love reading these stories, they give me inspiration to tell my husband about me.
You see we don't sleep with each other any more, and one condition of me sleeping around is that I have to tell him what I did with my lover ect ect.
It's none of his business as I just as soon as have him but the prick won't get Viagro and he only stays hard for 5 minutes then he has to pull out and jack off, while I get my vibrator out and use that.
Then he got where he'd ask me about my one discretion what did I do and shit like that and he'd get hard and squirt on my belly.
Well I did find a FWB like he said but is alway so what you do, how big is he (that where men are so insecure as he has a two hand cock, so why should he worry about that.)
I am not in love with my FWB, we do share a chemistry and he is great in the sack, but it annoys me that he wants share in my personal sex, when he could take a pill but he's scared that it will damage his heart.
So I thank all you guys for giving me ideas for stories to tell him so he gets semi hard, Jack's off on my belly then goes over to his room and falls asleep, then I can hop in my car, hook up and get some real sex.

Mar 14

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    • Here is so info about me if you want to make your husband jealous. I am 31 years old and in a wheelchair I can't feel from my belly down. I can get hard and stay hard for hours without cumming and if I do I am ready again in 5-10 minutes. I also have great upper body strength so if you want more then to ride me I can have you on one of those sex wedges so your pussy is in the air then I get myself onto my knees and am able to use my arms to move my hips. I also love giving lots of oral.

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