Playtime with my niece's mother

Back in the late '90s, my brother-in-law had a relationship for several years that produced my niece. They split when my niece was 3-4 years old, but we remained on friendly terms with his ex and kept including her in family gatherings, etc. She and I always had a friendly relationship, and we are both flirts by nature, so there were always hugs and kisses when we saw each other, etc. At some point over the course of time, she casually mentioned to me that she had worked as a stripper in her early 20s to help pay her way through community college. Fast forward another few years, when I learned she was having some financial struggles and was in danger of having her electricity cut off. As my niece was living with her, I offered to help her out. She was hesitant at first, but I talked/bullied her into it. She asked how she could repay me and I told her there was no need because we were family. Tears, hugs, etc. I didn't think much more of it honestly. A few weeks later, my wife was out of town for work and my BIL's ex calls me and invites me over for dinner. We have a nice dinner and chat. She mentions that she wants to do something special for me to thank me for helping her out, and again I tell her there is no need. She tells me to go sit on the couch and she'll be out in a few minutes. I do as I'm told, and a little while later she walks out in a short skirt, tight top, stocking and heels. I give her a "what are you doing" look and she walks over and touches her finger to my lips and tells me to just sit back and enjoy. She put on some music and gave me a nice, long, slow strip tease, eventually stripping down to nothing but her stockings. At that point, she straddled me on the couch and gave me a lap dance, pushing my face into her beautiful breasts and guiding her nipples across my lips and tongue. She also leaned in and gave me a number of very enjoyable kisses -- not the quick pecks on the lips that we'd often exchanged. She obviously could tell I was very aroused, so she slid down into the floor and loosened my pants and slid them down, exposing my hard cock. She looked at it then looked up at me with a question in her eyes. I nodded and she spent the next several minutes stroking, kissing, licking and sucking me. As I got close to exploding, she asked me where I'd like to shoot my load, emphasizing that I could do it ANYWHERE I wanted. The thought of her pussy definitely crossed my mind, but I figured we had broken enough boundaries already and asked her to decide. She returned to sucking me, then when i was ready to cum, she pointed me towards her face and tits and continued stroking me until I blew all over her beautiful face and magnificent rack. She then cleaned me up with her mouth and tongue and excused herself to get cleaned up. As I went to leave, she hinted that more adventures might be available in the future, and I told her I was agreeable to that. We had several more encounters over the years, including her finally convincing me to actually fuck her pussy. She eventually moved several hours away for a new job, but we still see each other at family events and still flirt and exchange "innocent" hugs and kisses. And I'm planning on visiting her in a few weeks when I'll be in her new home town for business.

Jul 29
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