Loving wife Christmas gift for use

Yesterday Christmas evening my wife waiting for all of our guests to go home from our house. Shortly after our house was empty of everyone she pulled out a hidden gift for me but she told me not to open it until we go upstairs to our bedroom and take a shower together to get us warmed up for what’s going to happen next.
So we went upstairs and got naked and got into the shower and before I knew it she was down on her knees in front of me sucking on my dick and began to reach around behind me and started to put one of her fingers into my ass and she has only done that to me once before and I really enjoyed it a lot. So as she was sucking on my dick I started to push her head all the way down on my dick until she started to gag so as I heard her start to gag I stopped pushing her head down on me and before I knew it she grabbed my hands and put them back on top of her head and looked up at me with a look in her eyes. Her eyes are telling me keep fucking her mouth so I pushed her back against the shower wall and started to fuck her mouth like never before the more I fucked her mouth the deeper her finger would go up my ass so as I was about to Cumm I pulled out from her mouth and shoot my hot load all over her face than I learned forward and started to lick all of my load off of her face and started swapping my load between my mouth into her mouth back and forth and before I knew it she had taken her fingers from her wet pussy and put them into my mouth!
That made me so horny I picked her up off her knees and turned her around and I started to lick her ass and sticking my finger inside of her ass and she started to moan over and over again and started telling to turn off the water and the both of us dry off and go into our bed and complete what we started and open up my gift to you in a very lustful voice so we went into our bathroom and opened up my gift and it was a double headed strap on folding and a big bottle of k y jelly . That’s when she asked me to help put on our new sex toy so I made her lay down on the bed and I went down between her legs and started licking her wet pussy after she had her first Orgasm that’s when I help her put on the double head folding so I slowly pushed one end of the dildo into her pussy and fastened the straps on to her legs and waist after I was done with her she told me to lay down on my back and spread my wide open for her to start to fuck my ass after a few of her in and out of my ass I was hard as a rock I was able to feel it when she had a Orgasm because my ass was soaking wet from her. As she started to go harder and faster pounding my ass I began to Cumm all over myself all she did was wipe up my load off my belly and put her fingers into my mouth and make me suck her fingers like her fingers was a dick. And then to make me fill like a real cock slut she would pull out the dildo from my ass and make me suck on it like it’s a real Vick she put her hands on the top of my head and fuck my mouth like I always did to her mouth. She made me feel like a big fucking whore in heat. After a little while we managed to get my dick into her ass at the same time as the both of us have the dildo inside of us. Last night was so amazing and intense we have never had sex like that in the 10 years we’re been married hopefully we can keep it going on for another 10 years!
Happy wife happy life 🙏

24 days ago


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    • Mmmmmmmm love this story. Wish I could join you both.

    • Good for you

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