I never thought it would be my thing but my husband talked me into a male/female/male threeway, I hadn't ever really thought it was something I would ever do and he always hinted at a female/male/female threeway so I thought maybe one day I would do that but never really even considered it seriously.
The one night we were doing the deed after getting the kids to bed and I was face down, He was in me from behind and he put his hand by my face, Just trying to be a little kinky or whatever I sucked his thumb like a penis while we had sex, Afterward he asked if that was something I had considered and I told him no, It was just me being kinky. Nothing much more was said about it until a week ago when he asked if I would do it if he proposed it for real, I said "Oh gawd, I don't know", We had a short discussion and I said that if he really, really wanted to I would give it some serious consideration.
He told me he thought he wanted to try it so I asked with who, He said his friend Brian who we went to college with and I know him well, His wife passed away 3 years ago and he has been out in the dating scene for a year or so but my husband said He is not seeing anyone and has put that on the back burner, I asked if he knew for sure that Brian would even be interested and he said "ooohhh ya, He's interested", I looked at him and said "Ummm...And just how do you know that?" and he said "Because...Guys talk about stuff so I brought it up at poker and asked if anyone had done it, 2 said yes and I asked Brian and he said (Nope but if you decide to You know my number) and we all laughed but I said that you would never go for it but I was just wondering".
I don't think I said anything else for about three minutes and then said "wait a minute...Which 2?", He laughed and said "Dan and Mike", I was shocked, I said "Sandy let Mike and who", He said Mike wouldn't tell him but said "what? Dan and Marie doesn't surprise you?", I said "Mmmmm...No actually". I said "If you really, REALLY want to I guess we could try it" and that put his mind in motion, He asked when and I said "Oh frick, I don't know, That's up to you...Not next week because it's period week" and I kinda fully expected him to chicken out.
By wing night I had completely forgotten about it and I had actually seen Brian twice and nothing was said so I just put it to the back of my mind. We had wings and drinks with friends and then walked the three blocks home, When we got home the house was oddly quiet and my husband started making out with me in the kitchen, I stopped him when he tried to take off my shirt and said "The kids?", He said "At my parents" and I said "Oh honey...Good work" and just then there was a knock on the door and the door opened, Brian stepped into the house and I was like "Oooohhh shiiiit".
I looked at my husband and must have looked panicked because he said "You're in charge, If you say stop we stop" and Brian just nodded. I am 5'5", with a mom bod, Average but...Soft in places, My husband and Brian are both around 6' and normal built, Brian walked up and kissed me and I felt a rush, My husband stood behind me and lifted my top, I have small, Saggy boobs but Brian didn't seem to care, Soon it was hands and mouths everywhere and a bit overwhelming but eventually we found a rythm, We worked our way to the bedroom leaving a trail of clothes through the house and were all naked by the time we hit the bed.
Brian's penis was basically the same size as my husbands so that was good, Honestly they are pretty similar, Size, Shape and look so...I don't know, that helped a bit I guess, My husband started kissing his way up from my feet, Brian as on his hands and knees beside me kissing me and I was reaching over stroking him, My husband started licking me and then basically tagged Brian in, Brian went down on me and then I felt like I was getting close to coming so I asked him to..."Come fuck me", Brian looked at my husband and I assume he gave him the go ahead because Brian slid in me and we were off to the races. My husband started with laying beside me licking and sucking my nips but then got on his knees beside me and leaned over me, I opened my mouth and officially had my first threeway as he slid it in my mouth.
I think it was around an hour:
Three cums for my my Mouth with Brian in me, In me with Brian in my mouth and once on my boobs at the end.
Three cums that I know of for Brian, In me with my husband in my mouth, On my stomach with just me and Brian while my husband got a drink of water, On my boob at the end in sync with my husband.
Three cums for me, Once with Brian in me while my husband was getting a drink and once with my husband in me and Brian in my mouth and then the grande finale...My husband asked me to do a solo after while him and Brian watched which I didn't think would work but with the two of them watching, Touching, Kissing and licking we were able to hammer out the last one which surprised me.
Brian left after we all gathered up our clothes, My husband and I went to bed after I said "I don't want to discuss it tonight, Let me sleep on it and we can talk tomorrow".
So here is what we decided, My husband enjoyed it and is wanting to do it again, I think I may be addicted, It's all I think about and not just with Brian, I want to do it with every man I see that is reasonably attractive, I think about it a dozen time a day and it's my only thought when I masturbate. I don't want to admit that to my husband so what I said to him was "On a scale of 1-10 I am at about a 7 so if you want to do it again I am willing but...With apprehension" He agreed that we should think on it for a bit but I am really hoping Brian shows up in our bed again soon.

Jul 27
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    • I remember the first time I had a threesom with my husband and one of his friends I was so nervous about even taking off my clothes in front of him and I just laid there and let them start to play with me. My husband went down on me and I finally had an orgasm then he let his friend go first. It was dark in the room but I could feel that he was definitely bigger than my husband was and he was more forceful than my husband was. And he lasted a lot longer than my husband after a while I was lost in the moment and I forgot that my husband was even there with us I was truly enjoying myself with my husband's friend. After he finished inside of me my husband took his turn and I could tell that he liked the feel of his friends cum inside of me. After that night I wanted more of the same I started going out by myself and finding other men to have sex with and it got easier every time I did and when I came home my husband was excited about having sex with me afterwards and if I had some other guys cum inside of me he would be so excited even going down on me tasting the other guys cum telling me how much he loves me and we make love for hours.

    • I don't think that I am Bisexual as I don't join in, in fact my wife doesn't really like it and honestly, I am more than happy to just watch and rub my dick.
      now that is really funny as I can maintain an erection for a long time watching them but when it just me and the wife it won't stay hard for more than a couple of minutes.
      It is very erotic to watch her with someone she's been with and likes as it isn't like watching porn, more like making love. when they are like that they soon forget I'm even in the room

    • I also have ED, sorry that's what it is. Or you aren't attracted to her anymore which could be a possibility. I used to watch until I was invited in. It's so much fun, so much skin on skin contact. Males feel different but really good. My wifrles friend even massages me, he's a masseuse and that's where we all met. I love it when he manhandled me also. I'm a big muscular dude and he just throws me around like I'm nothing. We fuck just like they do. I love our cum!

    • Take it from a man who loves this. Your husband is moat likely bisexual. He wants to join in in other ways but don't know how to break that to you yet. 3somes are one thing but no rules anything goes 3 some are where he is wanting this to go. At a minimum he wants to eat your well fucked and creamed pussy. Ask him to do this, you'd be surprised where things go. I don't care much for sucking dick, I've tried, but the cum running doen my wife's pussy, that's my prize. I used to be all weirded out after I came about it all, but now I can't get enough cum and my wife loves getting cumned in. So I get my fill quite often.

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