Real Thing

I've always enjoyed having naughty thoughts about my step-daughter....and may have just crossed over the line! ;-)

My GF was out, so just me and her 16 year old daughter home, and I was sat on the sofa late evening when my usual dirty thoughts about the daughter came into my head... So I pulled up a few pics of her from her social media and started getting horny and wanking over them. I was so deep in my own fantasy world that I didn't hear her come downstairs and only reacted as I heard the door open.

I managed to cover up and close the laptop but it was obvious what I was doing and she chuckled and said "didn't interrupt anything did I ?!" with a wink! She went in the kitchen for a drink, but instead of going straight back upstairs sat on the sofa with me. She smiled and said asked "So what were you doing then?" while smirking, and I debated about whether to take the bait or avoid the subject, but with an obvious hard-on being badly hidden, I opted for the riskier truth route!

"I was obviously having a I thought you were upstairs!" I answered and then got hit with the tougher second comment from her of "well show me what you were looking at then..."!!!

Aware that this could send everything in a very bad direction, I was feeling too horny and decided to risk the truth so opened the laptop again....

When her face appeared on screen she initially looked shocked but then a naughty smirk appeared!

The next words floored me! "Why don't you carry on looking at the real thing then..."!!!

I asked if she was sure as we really probably shouldn't and she just said she didn't mind and promised she wouldn't say anything if I wanted to...

Well I wasn't going to knock that offer back was I !!

So I pulled my still hard cock out, looked her in the eyes and started wanking. I couldn't believe it was happening but it very definitely was!

I didn't rush (wasn't wasting this moment!) but let my hand rest on her leg and carried on. The feeling of touching her skin really heightened the feelings and her cheeky smile made it weirdly feel OK! After a minute I thought I'd risk asking whether she'd show me anything (might never get this chance again!) and asked her if she'd be willing to flash her tits to me. "Well I suppose that's fair as I'm looking at your cock!" she replied and lifted her top up. The sight of her gorgeous tits coupled with her cheeky smile pushed me to the edge and I nearly came but managed to 'just' hold it back enough to ask if she wanted to finish me off...

I really thought I'd pushed my luck as she hesitated and looked unsure, but the smile quickly returned along with a "OK then!" and she shuffled closer, reached her hand across and I leant back as she gently started wanking my cock.

I was in absolute heaven having the 16 year old I'd been fantasising about smiling and wanking my cock with her tits out!

She started gently but then sped up and I warned her I'd not last long like that which received another "OK!" and she stroked me faster and I came like a fountain straight up in the air and it landed on her hand.

She wiped her hand on my t-shirt , said "I hope you enjoyed that!" before smiling and going back upstairs.

I was left shocked, smiling and thanking my lucky stars!

No idea if that was a one off or whether she'll get cheeky again but it's one hell of a memory either way!!!

Jul 27
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    • All stepdad do masterbate to their stepdaughter and also sniff their panties

    • I think all men masturbate to their daughters

    • Fyi not me

    • ...but I'm sure the thought will cross your mind now! Whether it be on the beach with a little bikini or getting out of the shower and showing a little more than normal... Intentional or not...I'm sure your eye will take it all in... ;-)

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