Hotel pool guests and employees

When I was 19-20 I worked playing classical guitar by the pool / bar at a swanky hotel. Hotel staff weren’t allowed to fraternize with each other or guests but technically I was an independent third party and I was picking up the slack.

Guest women would sit nearby and flaunt and adjust their tops to give me an eyeful. Usually wives of business tycoons etc. Several times I went to their room and fucked. One woman we fucked every day for a week. She fucked me more than I fucked her and it was crazy-good.

Also one time I made a joke that for my birthday I wanted women pool staff to flash their vaginas at me whenever they walk by. Word got out and they started subtlely moving their bikini bottoms to give me a look, whether it was birthday or not. They all had great vaginas. They were competing to see who could get me to make a mistake on guitar. One of the cutest I let her win every time. We ended up fucking in dead-end hallways and vacant banquet rooms and once in the maid’s closet. The maid knew what we were up to because she would give us knowing look.

Jul 27
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