I want to be a sissy

I guess im like many men who live their public lives as macho men but secretly desire to be feminized and become a sissy slave pleasing the every desire of any man who wants to use my girly body. I would just love to find a man to feminize me from head to toe. i would even submit to permanent chastity or castration as long as that meant i would get to suck and fuck big cock for the rest of my life.

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  • This is what is wrong with our country now. Too many men want to be CUCKS. Not me want nothing to with these fucking pansies . They want to be sissy's and take it up the butt and suck some cocks while at it. Hole country has gone to the fairies. Like Elton John said in Rocket Man. I'm a puffter!

  • You already are you little fucking punk. Come to daddies cock and let me show you what I can do to all your fucking cute little holes. Oh yeah you little fucking sissy ass punk bitch. I'll ream you a nice huge man hole for ya.

  • Give me your address Daddy and i come to you to fuck me as much as you want to

  • Sicko! Puffter!

  • Shemales will take you to sissyville..they know how to train you to take cock and give cock in all the most pleasurable ways.. my cock just came alive just thinking about all my sissy training times!

  • I've become a little sissy whore ..who loves a perfect cock in my welcoming pussy hole it's such a yummy filling when it's filled with cum!!!

  • Where do u live?

  • Anusville!

  • Up your ass that's where.

  • Castration?

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