Personality disorder wife

My wife has a personality disorder, with periods of disassociation (her body and mind are in two different places) and has incognitive behaviour ( will do things that normally would not do). Largely this involves her taking off her clothes in inappropriate places/times and being attracted to men of any description. Initially this would bother me,but now I use it to my own advantage. For awhile I was content in photographing her naked and posting pics and having sex, oral,anal,vaginal, whenever she was affected. Sometimes I would take her naked in the car to the gas station,top up the tank and then send her in naked to pay the attendant. This would often attract men to come over to our car and they would play with her pussy and tits or just take photos with their phone cameras. But after several months of this type of activity it became boring. Following some deep thought and fantasising I started having mates over for card nights and have her serving drinks and nibblies while naked. She would wander around being patted and stroked all night without a care in the world. Last month it escalated when we all started to have sex with her, every hole in her body was being used and some of them were taking her several times. Last week while her and I were having a drink and I was playing with her naked body she said something to the affect that Michael has a large cock. But has not mentioned it again. So the party goes on. Tonight is card night, the fridge is loaded and she is in another world. Seven men to pleasure themselves how they like as often as they like and I love it. On a suggestion of one mate, at the end of tonights session we are going to give her a golden shower. Any suggestions of anything else I can do.

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