How do I explain it part 2

I later hooked up to my camper and began the long journey home, As I drove I had a flood of emotions but the one that surprised me the most was that I missed my ex, I realized I just really missed him, I actually called him and we had 3 hour talk, Just talking and carrying on, He told me he still loved me and I asked if we could go for a date when I got back, He was super excited and said yes. I did text ****** a few times throughout the drive but not a lot, I got home and parked the camper, Slept off the concert and got out of bed, Showered and waited for my ex to pick me up.
We had met down the block to hide from the kids and went for supper, We had a great time and went back to the house he is renting, We had great sex and I came three times, We spent the whole night together and had sex again in the morning and then I went home, We talked and talked and I told him I wat our life back. Basically he moved in that weekend and we attempted to rekindle our love, Something in the weekend away revitalized my sex drive and he asked me what had changed so there in lied my dilemma, How do I even tell him about what happened?
We sat down and he said "Ok, one time, Just tell me anything I need to know and I won't get angry or even upset", Looked at him and said "Ok, but you go first", He said "You won't get angry or upset?", I said "No, This was my doing so whatever happened is fine", He said "Ok, There was just one thing...I was with Jessie one time", HOLY...Choking that down was tougher than I thought, Jessie is a woman at my work, He put his head down and said "Yes, Sorry", I said "Uhhh...Ok". He looked at me and I said "well...I only have one thing to tell you also...Keep in mind I am not getting upset that you banged someone I have to see at work but...When I went to the concert...I was with a girl...Twice".
He sat and looked at me and nodded his head, He said "Ok, Let me get this straight...You had sex?...With a female?...Twice?, Like two different nights?...With the same female or different ones?", I said "NOOOO...I mean, Yes twice but with the same one", He said "Ok", He sat there for a long time and then said "So...Are you...Bi now?", I said "I don't know, I wat to say that it was a drunken mistake but....I don't feel bad about it and I actually kinda want to be with her again".
So we had a long talk about ****** and I showed him her social media, I had messaged her a few times and I asked him if I could invite her to come here and visit, Obviously he asked about the specifics of what I had in mind, I laid out a few different scenarios like him taking the kids camping for a weekend or to his parents for a weekend if she happened to be able to come visit and to my surprise he just said "Sure, I think that would be great" so in 2 weeks she is going to come stay for friday and saturday then go home sunday.

Jul 27
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    • You will eventually lose interest in him and be with her. Of this I am certain.

    • Who do you need to explain it to?

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