Neah Bay

My husband asked me if I wanted to go up to neah Bay to go halibut fishing. Reluctantly I did go. We met some of his old friends that were saving us a camp site. I got so sea sick the first day , I didn't want to go again. So I was in his friends camper , it's much larger than ours I was kinda snooping. I came across a drawer of dildos . I put them back but couldn't stop thinking about them. I went back over to the camper and grabbed one that had a real feel to it. I went back to my camper and got to work with it. When I was done I put it back. I was just about to leave when I decided to try it one more time so I lay on the bed and tried it again for a few minutes. Then put it back. The next day the guys all were getting ready to take the boats and take off. Two of them stayed behind claiming that they weren't feeling good. Soon as we could see the boats leaving the harbor one of the guys ( he owns the camper ) said oh by the way Sara Ray and I want to show you something. We went into his camper and he turned on the TV . There I was masturbating with his wife's dildo on his bed. Red faced and shocked he turned to me and said ever heard of hidden cameras . I just felt so ashamed and embarrassed that I didn't look at the guys. When I did finally look up they were getting undressed. They took me to the bedroom , first they were content on taking turns. But after a small break they took me together. I cheated on my husband 6 times that day 3 with each of them. Next morning I asked my husband if he wanted to stay in with me. He didn't he wanted to fish. I cheated on him again with the same two guys more than 3 times each. The next morning we left for home. I still feel like a total slut.


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  • I go on charter boats quite often and a few years back the weather turned really snotty, not so bad that the captain called it off but just rainy and cool. One woman came along with her husband for the day but she spent most of the day inside the cabin area downstairs. There were two rooms that I think were supposed to be sleeping areas but one had been turned into a storage room. I went down to take a break and have a sandwich and she talked to me for a bit, when I finished up my meal she asked me if I wanted a BJ. I do not know how many guys she gave one to that day but she opened up the storage room door and sat down on a 5 gallon bucket while I stood there getting a great blow job. When she was done I asked her if I could see her boobs and she lifted up her shirt like it was no problem at all. I sucked on her nipples and fondled them for a minute then told her thanks a lot for the bj.

  • Dude for real tho, fresh halibut is awesome.

  • I love halibut too

  • Life’s short we are animals filled with desire your husband chose fishing and you got a good fuck. Well I hope it was good lol, I wouldn’t blame my wife but I would have chosen time with her over fishing

  • I don't blame my husband. I can't believe what has happened. I'm afraid of what may happen now.

  • Are the cheating sessions on camera too? This might go on for a long time.

  • OMG I didn't even think about that.

  • Ut OHHHH!

  • Nothing has come up over this yet so I'm trying not to worry about it

  • Give us a link to a photo of you so we can see.

  • I don't have anything like that I think the guys have any videos stored somewhere

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