Husband started it

Years ago my husband started peeing on my legs or back when we were in the shower. Then he convinced me to kneel down so he could pee on my face and head. Some how this has become an addiction or something to me. I'm so turned on by having him or someone pee on me that it's made me go outside our marriage to full fill my desires. Unfortunately it normally means I'm having some sort of sexual contact with someone other than my husband . I E blow job's or actual sex. But my reward is getting a hot flow of steaming piss all over my face. It brings me to orgasms most of the time. I just don't have the nerve to tell my husband that I have cheated on him numerous times and begged men to pee on me.

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  • My wife has been drinking pee since she was a teenager.

  • I am in the same situation except I am the husband. I love when my wife pees on my cock, balls, face, and in my mouth. I also love licking her pussy while she is peeing and usually can bring her to orgasm that way. I just can't get enough so like you, I have gone outside of our marriage for a bit of pee fun.

  • It's so wonderful isn't it.

  • Dude you two would be perfect for each other. Stay hydrated my friends.

  • Lol I kind of like the idea of a complete stranger doing it to me.

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