Seductive stepdaughter

Ex-stepdaughter was 5-3, 115 lbs, brunette with great tits and a nice ass who had the most pungent pussy smell you've ever been around. She'd take off a thong in a room and you could almost smell it in the adjacent one. She wanted to fuck me so badly that she'd wait until I was drinking watching football and come to snuggle. Before I knew it, she's rubbing my cock (which is hard) and she'd trying to make out with me. Such a slut.

I never did give in even though I've woken up with her naked in my bed trying to get me to fuck her. I do miss seeing that sweet ass though.

Jul 25
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Dreaming about my sister a lot lately


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    • What happened to her? Is it possible to look her up and invite her over to watch the game with you!? Mmm, the thought of such a strong scented pussy is just intoxicating! Had a gf with sweet teen daughter, remember going in her room to get her for dinner, opened the door and poof!! Sweet and spicy pussy scent...

    • I had chances after we were divorced but didn't act. I think the pussy smell was a teen thing with her pheromones raging wild.

    • OP message above your.. Yes for sure it had to pheromones, and I am sure she was playing with her pussy under the covers when I walked in... And after that I always was sniffing her panties while stroking my cock....

    • Op here. She wrote erotic stories about fucking me.

    • Where we can see them?

    • My 18 yr old wife slid into bed in her sheer baby-doll PJ's with my widowed father during a thunderstorm one night while I was away in the Army.
      She said - she put her leg over his - bumped his hard-on ....and it was off to the races after that!
      She loved his thicker dick .....and he loved her teenaged body!

    • You're an idiot for not fucking her.

    • Not really. Her half-sisters are my daughters and that's a fucked up thing to do.

    • Not really it happens a lot

    • Op here-I think I am going to fuck her. I had a dream I impregnated her

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