Me and my sister wetting our knickers

When we were younger, me and my sister used to play together in our garden all the time, and this being quite a few years ago would always be in dresses. If one of us needed to wee while we were outside, instead of dashing in for the toilet the sister who needed to go would say "Me wet" then crouch down and wet in her knickers, making sure the other sister would see. The other sister would usually reply "Me wet too" and then squat down and also wet her knickers, and then we would go back to playing while we dried off. I remember it feeling very naughty as the wee poured through my knickers and made a puddle on the ground. I don't know if my sister still wets herself, but I do sometimes!

Happy to talk and answer any questions.

2 months ago

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    • Never got into the pissing with my sister but we sure like to fuck and suck when we get together.

    • We never did that, just cuddled together sometimes when we were wet, especially as we got a bit older.

    • I'd like to watch

    • This was a fair number of years ago so I don't think you could watch now, but I'd be happy to chat.

    • Please piss on Cock Daddy and shit in his mouth. 🥰🥰

    • Cock Daddy you can piss on my bushy pussy anytime😘

    • Only if you promise to piss down my neck after you decapitate me. 🥰🥰

    • No thankyou, I don't do shit.

    • Piss in my mouth please

    • I wouldn't do that sorry, but I'd do it on the ground in front of you, soaking my knickers and my legs :)

    • I love when men or women piss all over my hairy bushy pussy and asshole and their piss is dripping off of me for me to rub off and lick my fingers

    • I love hairy bushy married pussy with my piss on it

    • I'm not married :P

    • Sit on my face and piss in my mouth

    • I would love to you could lick me clean

    • I wouldn't do it on anyone else, so sorry to those above.

    • Not sure I'd do it on someone else, but I'd let you watch me no problem.

    • Id love you to kneel infront of me so I can piss on your face and tits.

    • I would enjoy that very much

    • I don't think I'd like anyone doing it on me, but I'd watch you wet yourself!

    • Love watching women piss!

    • My wife loves pissing while other guys watch her

    • We'd love to have had someone watch us too, but at the same time it was just as naughty and fun with just me and my sister knowing about it and keeping our secret. Hello to your wife by the way, I wouldn't mind seeing her wet her knickers as I like watching others do it too!

    • I told her you said hello and you would love to watch her piss and she said she would love to piss with another woman as they hold each other naked and let the golden showers flow

    • Well I've only ever done it with my sister when we were younger, I don't think I'd be confident enough with another woman now.

    • Would you be into pissing on my husband for me

    • Not on anyone sorry, but in front of others in my knickers maybe.

    • I'm sure back then we would have let you watch! :)

    • But not now?

    • Well I still wet my knickers sometimes, so maybe I would ;)

    • Mmm, hopefully a nice lacey thong, your piss drenching them and dripping from between the patterns.

    • I've never wet in a thong - when we were younger we always had ordinary cotton knickers on, and as I've got older I always wore either those or lacy but full-size knickers. I've worn a thong a few times but never wet one.

    • I love lace, but cotton would be fun too. Id love to watch you piss yourself in white cotton so it became see through and revealed your sexy pussy lips.

    • Oh I've wet myself in white cotton ones many times, that's mostly what I used to wear back then with my sister when we played our "Me wet" games. I mostly wear white ones nowadays too. I don't remember hers ever going fully see-through, but it was so naughty watching her knickers go dark and then her wee pouring out of them between her legs into a puddle!

    • What age are you now? Do you ever wear pantyhose? Would love to see you piss yourself in pantyhose. Hiking your skirt up in a backstreet corner and watching your puddle of piss make its way down the street.mmm.

    • I'm in my 50s now. I do wear tights sometimes yes but I usually prefer the feeling of bare legs if I have a dress or skirt on, which isn't as often these days. And I remember doing that when I was walking home from school once! I started to really need to go and eventually leaked a bit into my knickers, so I hid behind a hedge, lifted my skirt up and did it through my knickers onto the ground. I don't think it ran down the street but I made a big puddle, and it felt naughty walking home with wet knickers!

    • Bet you have a sexy pair of legs. Would look even nicer with piss runing down them. Id love to get you to piss your cotton knickers then take you for a drink. Imagine feeling the wetness every time you moved your legs in a public place.

    • My legs have always been slightly chubby, and I've always had big thighs, but I used to love showing them off. And that certainly does sound fun! I did wet myself on nights out a couple of times when I was younger, being drunk hid the fact I'd secretly done it on purpose.

    • I love women with big thighs and chubby legs. Fancy talking via email? Mine is

    • I'll have to have a think about that, not so confident about talking non-anonymously.

    • No worries,I just enjoy talking about our piss fantasies.x

    • And so do I, I will see what I can do and if I feel confident enough will email you.

    • Would be fun to have you wearing a skirt on a summer's day. That way you can piss your knickers and enjoy the feeling of them drying off in the hot air and then do it all over again!

    • Oh I've done that a few times when out in the summer! I've emailed the address above too (assuming this is the same person).

    • Sent

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