My Cousin’s Booty

I’m reposting my story from another site because I really like this site too, enjoy!

Hi, my name is Joey. Growing up, I was always very close with two of my 1st cousins, Mandy, who was 4 years younger than me, and her brother, John, who was 6 years younger than me.

One day I was over at their house at age 12, Mandy was 8, and John was 6, and we were telling funny stories to each other. Mandy told a story about how they had been at the water park a week ago and when John had gotten out of the pool one time “I accidentally held on to him while he was getting out, and his swimsuit fell down and his bottom was showing.” We all laughed and I said “you should get her back, John!” Jokingly. Unexpectedly, before John could even respond, Mandy stood up and said “ok, I will!” And she turned around and pulled down her jeans and then her panties and started shaking her bare butt right in front of us. Of course since we were kids we all started laughing, but, while I did think it was funny, I also felt another euphoric feeling at the sight of my little cousin’s bare butt waving back and forth in front of me. I got up, and put my hand on her butt “I touched it!” I said in a joking manner. We all laughed and at that point she pulled her pants back up and we went about our day.

Over the next couple years I used the game of truth or dare as a way to see and touch Mandy’s butt whenever we were together, she was always happy to oblige with her dares, which were usually something to the effect of “pull down your underwear and _____.” I was a definite late bloomer, so at that time I still didn’t really understand it being a “sexual” thing, I just knew that I enjoyed seeing her butt and we all thought it was funny, including her, so there was no harm done.

This all culminated in the best day of my life, when I was 14, Mandy was 10, and John was 8. Early on in the day when I was talking to John, I said “if we play truth or dare later you should dare me to kiss Mandy’s butt.” He nodded with a smile because that sounded funny to him. So later on, we’re playing, and it’s John’s turn “Joey, truth or dare?” “Dare!” I say proudly. “Joey, kiss Mandy’s butt!” Mandy promptly stood up from the floor we were all seated on and pulled down her shorts, then those cute little panties, her bare bottom slightly arched out, I approached on my knees. “Left cheek, right cheek, or right on the crack?” Mandy then motioned with a smile to the very middle of her buttcrack with approval. So I brought my lips up, and kissed her right on the butt. John and Mandy laughed while I chuckled a little bit, I went back in for another kiss, this time on her right buttcheek, then again on the left, I kept on kissing her butt in various places for what must have been 15 minutes straight! Mandy and John laughed the whole time, it was a lot of fun for all of us.

Even though it was still at that point, something very innocent, as I wasn’t sexually aware at the time, I still knew it was something we “weren’t supposed to” do, so for fear of getting caught, I cut off our truth or dare interactions at that point. But no matter what, I will always remember how much fun I had kissing my little cousin’s booty!

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  • Our grandmother used to make us put on our pjs at 8 o clock, and she used to ask if I was wearing panties and say that a pussy has to breathe. Then she’d get drunk and pass out and we’d stay up and watch TV. My cousin would push up my nightgown and get between my legs as soon as he heard her snoring in the other room, which was usually around when DR Who came on. To this day when I hear the Dr Who theme I get really wet.

  • I never kissed booty, nor a dick or ever slept with a girl or guy. Only thing I ever had was nothing but Shit growing up.

  • I played doctor with my cousin. We were both 13 when it happened. Her dad, my uncle was a farmer. So they lived way out of town. My parents and me would go visit from time to time, or they would come visit us. It was the summer of 89 when I was 13 and our house burned down. We went to stay with my aunt and uncle on the farm. My mom and dad were gone a lot, I guess trying to find us a place to live. So one day Sally and I was out in the barn yard playing. She asked me if I ever saw a girl naked, I told her no, and then asked of she had seen a boy, she said no. Then she asked if she could see me naked. I said yes but only if she showed me too. We went to the top of the barn and we both stripped. She touched my penis and it started getting hard. She thought it was funny watching it grow. Then it was my turn to check her out. She spread her legs and I was touching her pussy. She kept telling me to put my finger inside her, but I kept telling her no. She told me I as a chicken and I got mad. I shoved my middle finger in her to prove I wasn't a chicken and I remember her squealing like it hurt. I pulled my hand away really quick and she started laughing. I put my clothes on and left. I remember being made, and her trying to say she was sorry for scaring me. Her mom and dad asked why we were fighting and we said nothing at the same time. Then we started laughing together. We never did fuck, but it was my first sexual experience with a girl.

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