Weird moments

Late last ight I fingered my sister in law while My wife watched, Such a weird moment, We were walking home from clubbing and my wife's baby sister, 12 years younger than me says she needs to pee but there's no place to go except in the alley, We go down the alley and find a spot but she wants me to stand in front of her and block her, I stand facing her and she stands looking at me, She says "What are you doing?", I said "Blocking you" and my wife laughs, Her sister says "Are you gonna watch me pee?", I said "Do you want me to?", My wife is drunk and laughing at the situation but her sister says something about holding it and I say "If you can't hold it I will".
Both girls were like "WTF!!" and I just laughed, My wife said "Hold her vagina while she pees", Her sister is like "What the hell" and then somehow it turned into me touching her sisters vagina while she was peeing...So I did She hiked up her skirt and wasn't wearing any panties, She leaned back against the fence and slid down into a squatting position, I squatted in front of her and she laughed covering her face, She had her hands folded in front of her vagina blocking the view and I slid my hand between her legs, She coughed and said "Oh JESUS!!!" as my finger tips touched her lips. She was just squatting there as I cupped her vagina and my wife laughed hard saying "Are you peeing on his hand?', She said "No, I'm trying but I suddenly have a shy bladder when someone's hand is on my vagina".
I slid my hand back a little and she has some inner labia that stick out so I spread my fingers and then pressed them between my fingers and tugged a little, She swallowed hard and said "Don't do that or it won't be pee that comes out", I tugged again and she moaned a little, I spread her hanging lips and she was wet, I rubbed the inside of her lips a little and she let out a deep breath, My wife was suddenly quiet and I slipped a finger into her sisters wet pussy. Her sister moaned "Oh fuck" and so I kept going, I touched her clit with my thumb and she moaned and tilted her head back against the fence. I kept going and her sister put her hands on her face and started shaking, She moaned and shook and came all over my hand as I fingered her and rubbed her clit.
She was dripping and had a huge cum, She stopped me from rubbing and just held my hand there, I could feel her coming and could feel her cum dripping from my fingers, She moaned and moaned and then stopped and just breathed deeply for a few seconds and the pushed my hand away slowly as I pulled my finger out. She sat there wide legged leaning against the fence dripping cum and everyone was just quiet, I turned around and my wife was just standing there wide eyed and finally cleared her throat, Shook her head and said "ooohhhkay then...", Her sister stood up and I said "Are you ok?", She cleared her throat and said "Strangely I don't need to pee anymore". Which thankfully made everyone laugh.
We all walked the rest of the way back to the hotel and went to our rooms, My wife said "Go wash your hands", I did and came back expecting to get a strip torn off me but instead she was laying in bed and as I crawled in she crawled on top of me and we had great sex. The next day was a bit awkward between all of us but eventually my wife said "Are we going to discuss my husband fingering you last night or...Just forget it happened", Her sister said "I prefer option #2" and my wife said "Ok, Good, Me too" and then we all laughed.
Whatever, Still a fun night for me.

Jul 24
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I tried humping my cat when i was 10.

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