A 22 yr old's first BBC

Wife and I were sex-talking one night in bed, while fondling and enjoying the effects of alcohol. She gets really sexy when she's been drinking.
I asked if she'd ever fucked a black guy.
She got quiet - so I gently pressed on, "So, have you, honey?"
She had told me about the times she let a manger at Sear's neck with her in the stock room when she was 22.
"So, where were his hands?, where were yours - did he get inside your clothes? Did you touch him down there?"
I'd asked these things before - and she was always evasive.
Well, this time she was acting differently to my questions.....as I slowly fingered her and sucked one nipple...
"Well, he'd come on to me a few times - and he was really good looking - about 40 yrs old, Married with kids. We knew we couldn't do anything - away from the store, or anything like that. But late one evening when the store was closed and we were doing inventory, well, we had the place to ourselves in that store room. We started necking and the touching got really personal. I mean he was grabbing my bottom, and had his hand between my legs....rubbing my slacks hard! I made the mistake of reaching down and grabbing his penis. It was really hard down along his leg! When I did this he went kind of crazy with me. Kissing me hard, and telling me stuff."
"Yeah - like 'you're a big girl - you know what you want!' - stuff like that in my ear as he was unzipping my slacks."
"Yeah, then what?"
"Well, he pushed my slacks down to my knees and turned me around and pushed me over some big cartons. Then I heard him unzipping and dropping his pants.....then he put his thumbs in the sides of my bikini panties and pulled my panties down to my knees, too! He started rubbing my bare bottom with his hands, telling me how cut my 'little' white ass' was. Then.....well, he spread my bottom with his hands and started pushing into me down there with his penis. You know how wet I get....so it was easy for the head of his penis to pop into my vagina....then he started moving ....!"
"Moving - yeah so - go on!"
"Well, he was really big honey. Really big. Not real long. But big!"
"Thick, you mean?"
"Yesss - he was really big! And yeah it hurt, and I told him. So he went slow, while talking to me and kissing my neck and shoulder....and biting my ear a little. He reached down and spread me some with his fingers....then in he went!
I took him all. Then he took my hips, and we got some rhythm going - and he slowly fucked me honey. I couldn't see him - so I could imagine anything I wanted - but I enjoyed knowing that I was standing there bare-assed with my panties around my knees while a handsome black man was thoroughly burying himself into my vagina!"
"Sooo, how was it?"
"It was pretty darn sexy, honey! - whattaya think!?"
then we fucked.......who knows what she was remembering?

Mar 8


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    • I was 19 and my Black boss made love to me. I was his executive secretary, it was my second time traveling with him and I was in his room going over the days meeting notes.
      We went from business to sipping some wine, to all over each other.
      He was the owner of a huge uncut cock and he knew what he was doing. It was the best sex I've ever had.

    • I gave my virginity to a black boy when I was 13 years old he was 19 after that I went from one black guy to another ended up getting pregnant at 15 and lost the baby to a miscarriage probably from having sex with this guy who had a huge cock that hurt me every time we had sex. My parents were so happy that I was going to marry a white guy that they signed the papers so I could get married at 17. My husband knew everything about me and he never had a problem with me about my past and he only said that if I ever had sex with someone else besides him for me to be honest with him and don't make him look like a fool. He said that he understood that he couldn't compete with black men when it comes to sex because he has an average size dick.

    • Sounds like her and my wife would get along. My wife was 7 years older he was just 17 you fit bc. Well long story short found out she cheated on me with him . They were doing inventory and one thing led to another started fooling around . Well she must of grabbed his cock she offerd him a ride home and he accepted. Took her in his room while his parents watched tv and split her barback. Guess she got hooked on the bbc cause we split up . Years later we hooked back up and I asked for the details. Can't blame a girl for wanting big cock.

    • I can tell you how your wife can fuck as many guys as you both want her too and no one can tell anyone / and the guys fucking your wife won't know you know....hidden video for that part.....but my husband and I have worked out a scheme I have fucked all four brother in laws / his boss / my two bosses / and three of his friends and none of them can tell anyone ...and they think she does not remember and that I don't know....email me I will tell you rbdemar@yahoo.com

    • My wife is 44 and we have a 23 year old bbc fuck her ever weekend and if she’s on her period he comes over and fucks her in the ass we alway let him cum in her and I jerk off and watch we love it

    • What a shame she never sucked his big black stick

    • They do love little white whores lol

    • Nothing wrong with White married wives sucking on big black cock and letting them stretch their pussies good. My wife's been doing it since we've been married.

    • Groce

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