My sexy cousin Carol.

I am 67 and my cousin Carol is 71. All through our lives when we've met up at family events she's always kissed me on the mouth, and I've had a crush on her since we were kids. It was at a family funeral recently and we met and she kissed me full on the lips again. I was determined to pursue it and managed to catch up with her when she went to the toilet. Asking if we could have a chat I manoeuvred her into a private room nearby. First off I asked her for a kiss like before, which she did but it developed into tongues and before I knew it my hands were fondling her ass cheeks through her tight black dress, I could feel a thong. She gasped that that she had always fancied me but that this was wrong. We had to get back to the wake so nothing else happened, but knowing that she wanted to fuck me has made it even more horny when I see her....we are 67 and 71 and both married. Got to try and make it happen somehow!

Jul 22
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