Has your wife ever had a threesome with two guys? Was it before you got married, after or both?
Were you one of the guys?

Jul 22
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    • Deep down she’d love to. We have a great RP during sex. But she won’t do it for real. She was very prudish and she get really embarrassed when I bring it up anytime besides the heat of passion. But it definitely makes her cum

    • No - just had sex for a few weeks with her best friends was he bestie's idea!...he was taking turns in them. Sometimes they both sat on him - he loved eating my wife! - one on his dick one on his face. They took turns!
      He was in the hosp for a week - getting horny - so my wife visited him - and the nurses looked the other way. It was quite a scene when his wife and 2 kids came on the day he was discharged. "If that's his wife - who was that woman sucking him off all week!?"

    • My wife has always liked any kind of sex, I am glad, I like to do mmf threesums, Im somewhat bi so is she, I love to see her working on a big dick, I sometimes join in sometimes watch and jack off, either way is great.

    • My wife had several before we were married. We have a few a year. Been married 24 years now and it works for us. We also do FFM threesomes as well.

    • That’s similar to mine. She had threesomes with her high school boyfriend and his best friend. Her mom wouldn’t let her boyfriend in her room alone with her but did allow them in her room if they had another friend with them. She said her boyfriend would walk her home from school, they’d come inside with the best friend and the friend would watch TV or listen to music while she made out with her boyfriend without her mom suspecting anything. She said eventually he talked her into giving him a BJ while the best friend looked the other way. It led up to them having sex while the friend put on headphones and looked the other way. That turned into the friend watching. That turned into her boyfriend asking her to give his friend a handjob. That turned into blow jobs. And eventually sex. They’d take turned having sex with her. She would blow both of them. They both had sex with her at the same time, one in her mouth and one inside her vagina and they’d switch places. They both had anal sex with her one after another. This went on all her junior year, she did countless threesomes with her. She said during the summer they’d come over to hang out, and they have sex almost every day. Then one day, her mom unexpectedly opened the door and caught them in the act. She said her boyfriend was sitting over her with his dick in her mouth and the other guy was fucking her pussy. The next thing she knew her mom was standing in the room yelling and throwing the boys out. Her mom put her on birth control and didn’t allow any boys over into her room at all. Her dad was mortified. Her brothers wanted to kick the guys asses. The guy broke up with her when he couldn’t come over anymore. She told me this very early on in our dating, I don’t think she would have told me if I hadn’t asked her if she ever did a threesome.

    • Before we got married my wife told me that she had a couple of threesoms with black guys that lived close by her. I think it was more than twice because I had seen her with them a lot before we were married. After we were married she was good for a couple of years not going out staying home being a good wife. We were out having a few drinks and she was dancing with this guy and we ended up bringing him home with us and we had a threesom with him that's the first time I really got to witness my wife being a slut and how much she enjoyed getting fucked over and over again. I have to admit that it was the hottest thing I had ever seen and afterwards I knew that she was not going to be like other wife's who did not cheat on their husband's. I knew that there was no stopping her from fucking other guys. People who know me have said that they have seen her in the club with other guys dancing and drinking with them I always tell them that nothing happens but I know that she's fucking around but it's embarrassing to admit that I like my wife being a slut to people I know. She does it for the fun of it and enjoys more than one guy at a time.

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