Enjoying It Too much

I didn't expect her to go along with my idea and desired wishes but she openly told me it was kinky and it would be fun. I told my wife I wanted her to go braless around the home and in the yard giving people an eyeful. She knew I married her because of the tits that she has and she would tease me with them often by flashing them often to me. They really gotten bigger and sexier since she gotten older and put on some weight. I enjoy her opening the door braless with her big breasts moving about behind her clothed top whenever these religious church people try get us to join their church. They quickly leave after seeing her.
My buddy and I was having a beer and he noticed my wife was braless and I saw he couldn't stop staring at her. I hinted to my my wife to flash him and she did. "They're huge!" he blurted out. I giggled and said to him, "One of the reasons I married her. Go ahead and feel them." I said. She stepped closer and I watched him place his hands on her breasts which caused me to get an erection. Later my wife asked if that incident turn me on. I confessed it did and she pushed her its in my face.
She made sure I seen her flash to the boy who was mowing our backyard. After the boy left she went topless and absorbed the sun rays in the lounge chair as she teased me by rubbing lotion on her breasts. She yelled out to me that I needed to invite my buddies over for a cookout. I said, "OK".
A couple of weeks later we had the cookout. My wife surprised me, my buddies , their wife and girlfriend by going topless out and about. They couldn't keep their eyes off her huge hanging breasts. Some of our guests had to place their hands on them. After they left I was cleaning the mess up and was asked by my wife if watching her getting felt turned me on. I told her I still have the boner, She got down and undid and pulled my pants down and started to masturbate me with her tits,
I began to noticed that she was going overboard of exploiting her mammoth breasts. She suggested I watch them get cum blasted by other guys besides me. I created a sex pervert.

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  • I would love to see them email me and we can trade pictures longballs11@yahoo.com it will be fun

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